Sex, but elevated. Your relationship fun can go green too. Take it from me.

Sex, but elevated. Your relationship fun can go green too. Take it from me.<br />By Madeline Howard.

When I'm super revved up emotionally, like after a stressful day, it's difficult for me to relax and bring myself back to square one. At times, these feelings make me too tired and irritable for sex. (Ugh!)

That's why I was keen to try libido boosters. These little pills contain cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, combined with other herbal aphrodisiacs that make you calm and, well, horny. I popped two in my mouth after dinner one night and waited for them to work their magic. After about an hour, I felt serene, like all my stressors had been washed away. And I actually had the headspace for sexual desire.

It turns out I wasnt just imagining it, either. Substances like these could make you feel more amorous, says psychiatrist David L. Nathan, MD, president of Doctors for Cannabis Regulation. "Being relaxed may put you in the mood. And THC can give an uplifting feeling that's helpful for arousal," he says. But (as always) there's a catch. Although states are legalizing cannabis and CBD, there aren't many studies on their benefits because they remain illegal federally, explains Dr. Nathan.

This means our understanding is largely reliant on anecdotal evidence. So, as with other OTC pills, you need to choose dosages wisely. If you're new to cannabis-related products, start with 5 to 10 milligrams of THC, says Dr. Nathan. Once you get more comfortable, you can experiment and, like me, fully enjoy allll the good vibes,

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Don't want to ingest the substance? This lube has the same effect; just apply it about 15 minutes before sex or during foreplay.

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