GoLove CBD + Womanizer Bundle

A perfect pairing for your comfort, relaxation, sensual pleasure and intimate connection.

GoLove CBD Intimate Serum

CBD-enriched GoLove lubricant soothes your body, relaxes your mind and lifts up orgasmic passions for both of you. The solution is in GoLove’s unique blend of body-safe ingredients, natural soothers and skin-nourishing hyaluronic serum—balanced with 200mg of therapeutic, USA-grown organic CBD.

It’s CBD helps reduce discomfort and anxiety, solves unwanted dryness and creates a full-body calm—so you can be more in the moment to explore and enjoy.

GoLove was created by industry experts, sexologist and author Dr. Sadie Allison and CBD scientist John Renko, B.S.E. Their research-based formula is water-based, hypoallergenic, lab-certified and dermatologist-tested.

Don’t put off sex and intimacy any longer. GoLove instead.

  • GoLove is formulated by a PhD scientist for your sexual health & wellness

  • CBD helps reduce pain and anxiety for more comfortable lovemaking

  • CBD lube awakens intimacy with more sensation and pleasure

Womanizer Premium

Fantasize the excitement you’ll feel from a gentle wave of pure vibrating air circling all around your clitoris—followed by plenty of come-out-of-nowhere screaming orgasms.

This masterpiece of design actually turns itself on the moment you bring its soft, round, silicone mouth to your clitoris. You’ll instantly feel a delicate shaft of suction surround you, embracing…lifting…vibrating your clitoris at any hummmm you desire, from mild to wild. Without a touch!

The Womanizer Premium treats your clitoris so wonderfully, over 50% of the women in our test group orgasmed in less than 60 seconds! Now that's pure clitoral bliss.

  • Patented Pleasure Air Technology stimulates orgasms in about 60 seconds

  • Combines gentle suction with mild vibration for a wild ride (12 vibration settings)

  • Easily rechargeable via USB cord (included)

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