Oh My! Self-Love Discovery Kit


Experience deeply satisfying orgasms—without any penetration.

"Oh My! Self-Love Discovery Kit" is designed by Dr. Sadie for women like you, deserving of more of life’s greatest sensual pleasures. On your own terms. In your own time. It comes with three special items—all you need when desire calls:

1. GoLove CBD Intimate Serum

Be in the moment, awakening millions of pleasure receptors with soothing, moisturizing CBD-enriched serum. If you’ve never experienced CBD pleasure serum be ready to feel relaxed and in the moment. Enjoy heightened tactile sensation and arousal with a silky-smooth glide. Reduce discomfort or any sexual anxiety. Then say hello to the most life-affirming orgasms you may ever experience. 

2. Me-Time Clitoral Caresser

Gently apply a few pumps of GoLove CBD Serum—enough to generously coat its soft, smooth silicone surface (and you!).
Now feel how its broad lubricated tip gives you a wider pleasure surface to glide around or across or up and down or however your clitoris and vulva love sensation.
What now? Rediscover new pleasures for you. Light the candles. Draw a bubble bath. Slip your waterproof playtoy into your hands. And celebrate Me-Time with your new best friend.

3. Tickle Your FancyA Woman's Guide to Sexual Self-Pleasure

Did you know the creator of GoLove CBD Serum also wrote the book about women’s self-pleasure? Dr. Sadie’s bestseller, Tickle Your Fancy, will give you all dozens of new ideas for making love to yourself. Sensitively written and tastefully illustrated, just settle in, tune out the day, and let your mind wander into fields of pure pleasure and exploration.

Superior Ingredients

When the GoLove team set out to create an intimate serum to help with soothing and moisturizing delicate skin, our mission was clear: A science-based formula that is:

- Body-safe & natural
- Water-based
- Hypoallergenic & pH-balanced
- Therapeutic, pure organic CBD
- Enriched with skin-hydtrating hyaluronic acid
- Long-lasting, silky-smooth moisture
- Lab-certified & dermatologist-tested

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