The quality of our products is very important to us. To that end, formulas undergo testing to ensure preservative efficacy and hypo-allergenic properties.

Preservative Efficacy Tests (PET)

PET tests are done to show that the preservatives in a formula actually prevent contamination from ruining the product. These tests are typically done over a 30 day time frame. The product is contaminated with multiple everyday contaminants, and then tested weekly to ensure that the formula can eradicate the contaminants. The results of GoLove Intimate Serum Preservative Efficacy Test can be found here:

Test  Laboratory Results
Preservative Efficacy Test Adamson Analytical Labs M1909260068

Human Repeated Patch Insult Test (HRIPT)

Specific tests can be performed to ensure the formula does not cause an allergic reaction to repeat skin exposure. Passing of these tests is the basis of hypoallergenic statements. These tests are performed on human subjects and are referred to as a Human Repeated Insult Patch Test or HRIPT.

Our HRIPT panel involved 53 human subject that each had 9 applications of GoLove Serum to skin via a semi-occlusive patch to ensure constant skin exposure. Application was done three times per week for a period of nine weeks.

Zero of the 53 subjects showed an adverse reaction to the repeat application of the samples during the course of the trial. Full results of the trial can be found below:

Test  Laboratory/Agency Study #
HRIPT Consumer Product Testing Labs C19-7414.01

Manufacturing LOT tests

Every manufactured LOT also receives thorough testing for yeast, mold, bacteria, pathogens, heavy metals, cannabinoid profiles and CBD potency. To see the results that apply to your product, match the LOT code from the bottom of the bottle or box to the code in the table below. CBD Isolate data is provided so you can confirm the quality of isolate used in our product.

 LOT Number

Product Manufacture Date
2458823 Intimate Serum Dec 5, 2020
2458850 Intimate Serum Jan 01, 2020
2459068 Intimate Serum Sample Packets Aug 06, 2020
2459095 Intimate Serum Sep 02, 2020
2459166 Intimate Serum Oct 30, 2020
2459197 Intimate Serum Sample Packets Dec 13, 2020
Intimate Serum
Jan 24, 2021


CBD Isolate Raw Material Sep 18, 2019


CBD Isolate Raw Material
Jan 20, 2020


Intimate Serum
Sep 20, 2022


Intimate Serum
January, 2023


Intimate Serum November, 2023


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