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While there’s been a lot of debate, the truth is, every woman has a G-spot. The G-spot is simply a nick-name for the “urethral sponge”, the soft spongy tissue that surrounds the urethra...
The clitoris is every woman’s — and smart lover’s — best friend. Yet proper education on its magic has eluded humanity until recently. In fact, it wasn’t until 1998 that the anatomy of the clitoris was properly mapped out.
Give these positions a try to avoid causing tilted uterus pain...
Avoid irritating a broken ankle.
An informed customer may look for products made with a certain type of extract for specific reasons.
Men's sexual health is important to overall health.
Clitoral stimulation: What do women truly know about it?
Sexual problems are a side effect of cancer treatment that oncologists don’t often talk about, but there are treatments to help, including the pelvic floor therapy.

We must remember: Pain during sex is not normal. 

How different are hemp and marijuana? This is a very common question and is often widely misunderstood.
Could your favorite lube be causing unfavorable side effects?

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