Men’s Sexual Health

Men's Sexual Health Month GoLove CBD

November is Men’s Health Month, and we are grateful and honored to have so many men in the GoLove CBD community. While we are major advocates of women’s health, it’s important to note that men’s sexual health is a widely under discussed topic. All people should feel safe and empowered tending to their sexual health. Here are our recommendations for staying on top of your sexual health, and pleasure. 

Check your diet and exercise

A healthy lifestyle contributes to the production and regulation of hormones, such as testosterone. When we are eating diets lacking nutrients or not moving our bodies, we can tend to feel incredibly sluggish. Without fail, this can affect sexuality by lowering sex drive, decreased stamina, and in many instances erectile dysfunction. Even with proper diet and exercise, you may experience a natural dip in hormones due to age, which can be addressed at your next doctor’s visit. Many men receive hormone replacement therapy, which can keep you balanced and restore feelings of energy, stamina, and sex drive.

Sexual anxiety can affect sexual health

One of the most common concerns in sexual health for men is performance anxiety. Performance anxiety, or anxiety around body image, can lead to temporary erectile dysfunction or early ejaculation. We recommend opening communication with your partner(s), and working through these anxieties together. Guess what? They are totally normal: we all experience them at some point in our lives. We love using our GoLove CBD enriched, water-based Intimate Serum to ease into a relaxed, playful approach.. Just apply 15 minutes before sex, and let yourself relax into your body. GoLove will nourish and hydrate your intimate skin, plumping up the labia and softening the perineal skin so that you can sense your intimate skin is ready for touch.  If you feel your sexual anxieties are beyond self-help, consider visiting a qualified mental health professional, like a sex therapist. Sexual anxieties can trace far beyond the surface, for which mental health is equally as important to attend to. 

Erectile dysfunction is common

Erectile dysfunction is not just an age problem, it can happen to men of all ages. Just like women, things like hormones, stress levels, rest levels, diet, and medication can affect sexual function. When experiencing erectile dysfunction, link up with a compassionate and understanding doctor who can point you in the right direction. Perhaps medication can help, or try new things like pleasure products, stimulating lubricants, and even prostate stimulation. Sex toys like cock rings have shown incredible results in keeping erections, and increasing sensation: We recommend The Wave - Couples Orgasm Ring!

Sex therapists are also highly qualified to assist with erectile dysfunction, considering it could have a psychological trigger. Remember, erectile dysfunction isn’t the end of sex, considering penetration isn’t always needed for amazing sex. Check out our 4 ways to be intimate without penetration.

Prostate health and stimulation

Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men, and should be checked routinely [1]. While it’s recommended to start at around age 50, it’s recommended to check in even younger years if you’re at high risk. We recommend keeping up to date, and doing self exams via prostate massage. It’s shown that prostate massages are good for prostate health, showing early detection and stimulating blood flow. 

Prostate massages can also be sexually stimulating, often referred to as the “male clitoris". Using a well lubricated finger, insert into the rectum slowly and curve your finger towards your belly button. You will feel a walnut shaped bump, and that’s your prostate. When stroked with fingers or stimulated with a prostate massager, it’s been shown to increase pleasure, give stronger orgasms, and stronger/elongated erections. 

Make masturbation a part of your sexual health routine

Masturbating is normal, and a great way to keep your sexuality healthy. Regular masturbation can give stress relief, give you better sleep, and even up your libido. This is time to explore yourself, and contributes to well being. Even in a relationship, it’s normal to masturbate outside of partnered sex. Make sure to use a slick water-based lubricant to protect the delicate skin of the penis. 

Intimacy doesn’t need to involve penetration

Explore new ways to be intimate without feeling the need for penetration. This can put a lot of pressure on you, but also stifle you from experiencing other modalities of pleasure. In one of our latest blogs, we discuss amazing techniques to keep intimacy alive without penetration like hands, oral sex, and sex toys. Discuss with your partner what forms of sexual intimacy can be satisfying for both of you, and indulge together. Remember, there are solutions to everything!



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