8 Jaw-Dropping Facts About The Clitoris

The clitoris is every woman’s — and smart lover’s — best friend. Yet proper education on its magic has eluded humanity until recently. In fact, it wasn’t until 1998 that the anatomy of the clitoris was properly mapped out.

Predominantly male scientists have long dismissed its existence, even removing it from anatomy diagrams. Which really makes you wonder… Why?

Whatever the answer, leave it to a bunch of science guys to be clueless about the clit.

Now that it’s been given the attention it deserves, it can be listed among the greatest things nature ever created.

Hopefully the following facts about this glorious organ, which solely exists for pleasure, will inspire lovers to make it the focal point of foreplay.

1. The Clit Has 2 To 3 Times More Nerve Endings Than The Penis

Which might be nature’s way of saying sorry for periods and the agony of childbirth.

It also might be why your clitoris is often too sensitive for direct contact. So be sure to inform your lover about how to touch or indirectly touch your clit, accordingly.

2. Just Like Your Love Of Kittens And Puppy Dogs, It Never Stops Growing

Your clitoris can grow to be 2.5 times larger than it was when you were a teen. I bet men wish their penis did this too.

Maybe when you get a little older, it will be big enough that your lover will finally be able to find it.

3. All Penises Started Out As A Clitoris

When we were just little embryos, we all had a vulva — yes, even YOU, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The embryos which had Y chromosomes and therefore became male, morphed their clitoris into a penis, and their outer labia into a pair of testicles.

4. The Phrase “Lady Boner” Is Actually Kind Of Accurate

Because the penis was formed out of a clitoris, both are made up of the same spongy tissue, which expands when aroused. So women totally get adorable little lady-boners.

5. Clits Come In A Variety Of Different Colors

Clits are kind of like Skittles. They look small and circular, bring all kinds of pleasure, are magical and come in a variety of different colors.

They also melt in mouths, so tell your lover to eat up!

6. Your Clitoris Is The Same Size Of Some Men’s Erect Penises

That’s right ladies, the visible part of your clit is only the tip of the iceberg.

It’s actually 3-5 inches long, mostly positioned on the inside along the vaginal canal. That’s totally enough length to give a lot guys some major clitoris envy.

7. Unlike Most Pensises, Your Clit Is Not A “One Hit Wonder”

The clitoris is capable of having multiple orgasms (especially with a toy to offer battery-powered stimulation) because after an orgasm it retains most of its blood.

You may find that you need a little time to recover, because it becomes very sensitive directly after. But it bounces back, ready to orgasm again (and again, and again…) quite quickly.

8. Use It Or Lose It!

Didn’t you know? A clitoral orgasm a day, keeps the doctor away. A GoLove CBD serum clitoral massage can get you there. 

It’s incredibly rare, but there is a medical condition known as clitoral atrophy, which occurs when the clitoris doesn’t receive enough blood flow. This can cause the clitoris to retract into the body, or even result in the clitoral hood fusing to cover the clitoris head and shaft.

So you might as well just use it all the time. Doctor’s orders!

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