John Renko

CBD Scientist & GoLove Co-Founder        

“Quality leads to satisfaction. Satisfaction leads to trust.”

Among the first to rise to the top in the new field of CBD research and formulation is John Renko B.S.E., GoLove’s onboard CBD scientist and cannabis educator. 

John’s passion is figuring out how things work. This motivation has driven him to solve numerous challenges across fields as diverse as atmospheric sciences, mechanical engineering and computer science before he was drawn to the field of end-to-end cannabis cultivation. Here, he employed his engineering skills to grow California-legal high-grade medical marijuana, creating an ultra-clean product to the highest purity standards.

John also has a real passion helping people in the health and wellness sector, a purpose left unfulfilled working at Fortune 500 companies. When he began discussions with renowned sexologist Dr. Sadie Allison, the two realized they had the complementary skills to create a CBD-based intimate serum that can help women who desire more soothing, moisturizing comfort and ease for their delicate, intimate skin. Together they created GoLove CBD Intimate Serums.

John set out to develop the world’s first body-safe, fully tested, CBD-based intimate serum and enlisted the expertise of a top PhD formulation scientist credentialed in wellness-product luxury brands, and together they solved the challenges that prevent all other companies from producing a pure, water-based CBD product for women.

Once they surmounted the scientific and biological hurdles, John conducted vigorous third-party testing to ensure this new serum was body-safe, and the high-grade CBD was domestically grown, lab-tested clean and 100% THC-Free.

John is proud that his solution is helping women find a new and better way to find—and pleased that you are here to learn about this patented process to feel confident in the GoLove brand.

John lives by one reassuring principle: “I only create products that are scientifically researched, thoroughly tested and quality assured by 3rd parties.”

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