5 Actually Effective Tips for Self-Care

5 actually effective tips for self-care GoLove CBD Lube

Pandemic stress, politics, family life, you name it: we are all stressed out in some form, and we are all seeking some relief. With that relief, comes big talk on the term “self-care”, which in many ways has been commercialized. It’s been used to sell beauty products, tell people to take baths, indulging in wine or cocktails at home: while it’s nice, is it true self care? We believe that self care extends beyond the superficial, and requires altering a variety of your lifestyle and habits. We’re sharing with you our 5 favorite ways to truly self-care, staying healthy for the long run.

Disconnect from tech

Our world is now surrounded by tech, and it feels we can’t escape it. Receiving multiple texts, calls, emails, and more… we tend to open our phones, then scroll around aimlessly on social media taking in loads of information. Whether that information be negative or positive, it’s still exhausting: we are putting our brain and processing centers on overdrive. As one of our team members says, imagine talking to a 1,000 people per day, exhausting right? We do this often with tech, when we are taking in thousands of stimulating images and reading multiple thoughts, opinions, and shares. 

If tech is our job (think multiple phone calls or computer work), we can at least put up some awesome boundaries to help disconnect. We recommend turning your phone on “do not disturb” from 9pm-9am, giving you a chance to rest. This is not only easy on the eyes, but helps your brain slow down to sleep. If you’re able to, try turning off all notifications and only checking your phone when you have the time/energy to do so. The world slows down and becomes very calm when we aren’t wasting time scrolling around. 

Make sleep an actual priority

Accidentally stayed up till 2am scrolling on Facebook? Finishing late night work? We’ve all done it, and it’s not good for us. While we all have different ideals of rest that we need when it comes to sleep, it should be put before anything. Sleep is not only a way for us to recharge, but it’s when our bodies heal and recuperate, regenerating millions of cells and absorbing/processing food, nutrients, etc. 

If you have a set schedule, consider setting a strong bedtime that you can adhere to, and allow your ideal sleeping time. Need to wake up at 6am? Consider starting your nighttime routine around 9pm, and being in bed ready to sleep by 10pm. Do this by ditching your phone, winding down with a shower or book, and giving yourself the space to get sleepy.

If you have trouble falling asleep, simple solutions like CBD, melatonin, white noise, and even aromatherapy can help relax you enough to sleep. If sleeping issues continue, visit a medical professional for advice. 

Check your diet, and make it a lifestyle

What you put into your body is more than just food, it’s the fuel you have to keep going. It’s no wonder you may feel down, sluggish, or downright unwell if you haven’t been analyzing what you’re consuming. This comes in the form of food, vitamins, and supplements that you may need to lead a healthy life. 

A clean, nutritious diet will always be a good idea: It’s a way to naturally gain energy, and keep your system moving well. Taking a multivitamin or vitamins that you may be deficient on is beneficial, and can make a world of difference. Supplements like CBD can help ease anxiety, and provide loads of health benefits that would make it substantial to your diet. 

For many it’s obvious where the change must be made. If it’s not, consider visiting a nutritionist and running some blood work to see what your body needs in order to thrive. 

Masturbate for self-care

Yes, we totally recommend masturbating. As a sexual wellness brand, we know to our core how soothing and healing the power of our sexuality can be. Masturbation is a simple yet effective tool at giving ourselves the joy of pleasure, and other health benefits as well. 

Masturbation is shown to boost endorphins, help with headaches and cramps, and even help us sleep: amongst countless other benefits. Masturbation in a relationship is also incredibly healthy, as it can boost our libido and help relieve stress meaning we come back full and focused for our partners. 

We recommend investing in a sex toy, and using our GoLove CBD Lube to keep things slick, protected, and sensational when tending to your masturbation routine. 

Investing in self-care is investing in yourself

When you invest in ACTUAL self-care, the benefits will last a lifetime. Focus on the now, and make sure to put your health, wellness, and mental-health as a priority whether or not the going gets tough. We hope to see you thrive!

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