Best Penis Sleeve

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A penis sleeve is a lot like a wearable dildo used to increase the  length or girth of a penis.

What is the Best Penis Sleeve?

There are a variety of different penis sleeves, each serving a unique purpose. You might want a sleeve to enlarge your penis temporarily during intercourse.  Alternatively, a penis sleeve might offer support for erectile dysfunction. You may need a penis sleeve to help delay premature ejaculation and prolong performance. Or you may want to use a penis sleeve to heighten pleasure during solo or partner play. 

For any event you will want to look for hypoallergenic materials in your penis sleeves. Ideally, penis extenders should be made of medical-grade materials. 

Best Penis Extender Sleeve

Penile traction devices work by applying a constant tug on your non-erect penis. This traction produces microtears in the skin and the internal tissue, thus promoting cell growth. Continued use of 4 to 6 hours a day for up to six months has been shown to result in a small yet cumulative extension of the penis length. 

This method of penile enlargement is painless, non-invasive, and can be used to correct penile curvature in conditions like Peyronie’s Disease. It also helps the user achieve harder erections, improving their sexual performance and confidence.

Other penis enlargement methods may not be as safe or as effective as a quality penis extender sleeve. Commercial dietary supplements marketed as penile enhancers claim to contain testosterone. Since the FDA does not regulate supplements, buying them is usually proves a waste of time and money,  and potentially dangerous for your health. 

Likewise, there is a manual exercise called jelquing historically used for increasing penis length. Although it uses the same principle as medically-tested mechanical extenders, it has a higher risk of damaging the penis tissue by excessive force or not being productive when people use too little.

The best penis extender sleeves benefit from extensive lab testing and meticulous calibration to stimulate cytokinesis, the natural cell replication process of your body. Most of them can apply up to 4,000g of tension to your member, although we advise you to start from a more comfortable place, like 1,000g, and ramp up the tension incrementally. This way will avoid unnecessary discomfort, and your choice of enduring the required months of the treatment will be easier.

Our recommended penis extender sleeves may not be micro to the wallet, but they will not submit your penis to excessive force. For instance, the Quick Extender Pro is pleasant to use and 100% hypoallergenic. Likewise, the Jes Extender might be your best option if you need to correct penile curvature.

Keep in mind that all our bodies have a limit. Even the best penis extender sleeve will not increase the length of your penis by more than 30%, and that will require daily use for up to 6 hours during several months. But be patient, and the reward will be worthwhile.

Best Penis Sleeve for Small Penis

If you find yourself short on length and you feel that extenders are not for you, some penis sleeve options might catch your eye, and worthy of a try.

A penis sleeve for small penises is a device you wear over your penis, similar to a condom, but does not function as a contraceptive or to prevent sexually transmitted infection. The shape and build of these sleeves will add an inch or so to your length while erect. 

You can use them for specific and short-timed purposes, like stimulating yourself or your partner, tapering down your sensitivity to prevent premature ejaculation, providing a different type of sensation, and giving you erectile dysfunction support during sexual performance.

The best penis sleeves for short penis come in various sizes. Be sure to choose a size that will be most comfortable. If you can achieve an erection, measure your penis when erect and compare your results to the sizes available. 

If getting erect is difficult, you may find a sleeve with a ball loop can provide  assistance. You can attach the loop to your testicles, and this will ensure the sleeve will not shift or fall off. Some sleeves will also have a belt to wrap around your waist, keeping it in place.

Give your partner that extra inch with our recommended sleeves. Lovehoney offers a clear silicone sleeve with a very realistic texture and a ball loop that will give you a gentle squeeze to make your erection last a bit more. The stretching silicone of Lovehoney fits most penis sizes, which can be very convenient for your needs. 

If you are on a budget, take a look at CalExotics. Its shape does an amazing job stimulating your partner’s G-spot, P-spot or A-spot when you use it during penetrative sex. Furthermore, the mesh sleeve of CalExotics will give you more contact with yourself or your partner, while its ball loop keeps it secured in place.

Best Penis Sleeve for Girth

You might be satisfied with your penis length but feel that your circumference is lacking a bit. In this case, penis sleeves designed to increase girth are a great option.

When you don’t need any length added, you may do away with the tip and keep the head of your penis exposed to be caressed and stimulated. The best penis sleeves for girth do precisely that. Soft walls will snug around your penis, while a thick exterior gives you or your partner a bit more to ride and enjoy. 

Similar to the sleeves for small penis, you can find soft options to tone down sensitivity to help curb premature ejaculation, and sleeves with textured inner and outer walls for added pleasure. Put them on while you are semi-erect and adjust the ball strap to achieve a better fit.

Check out our recommendations for the best penis sleeve for girth and find the ones that grabs your attention:

The Fantasy X-Tensions is quite thick, while feeling very natural, and you can customize it by trimming its tip as you like to adjust it to your length. Its ball wrap will keep it in place while prolonging your time to ejaculation. The soft and pliable Fanta Flesh material is a thermoplastic elastomer that will give you the most natural feeling during use. 

The Fanta Flesh is a made from a porous material, and is unsuitable for sterilization. Warm water and mild soap is required to clean this sleeve properly. 

On the other hand, the Stimulation Enhancer is also open at the tip, allowing the head of your penis to receive more pleasure. Its external texture will boost the sensations for your partner. The hypoallergenic material of the Stimulation Enhancer makes it easy to use and clean. While it claims to be usable over a condom, we advise you to try it on yourself before engaging with a partner.

Why settle for extra length or extra girth when you can have both? The OptiMALE and its counterpart, the Ultimate Extender, not only have thick walls to add to the width of your member, but they also add an inch or two to your length. The OptiMALE inner texture will give you extra stimulation, while the Ultimate offers extra support and external texturing for your partner’s enjoyment.

Best Silicone Penis Sleeve

Silicone is one of the best materials for sex toys and devices. It feels fantastic, works best with natural, water-based lubes, and is easy to clean and sterilize. In addition, silicone is so adaptive that manufacturers use it to build the most detailed toys while retaining its flexibility and durability.

One of our recommended silicone penis sleeves is so versatile that it can work wonders, even without a penis. BE Ready is a body extension that uses an elastic harness to hold a silicone sleeve that stays firm and maintains its shape whether you put a penis inside it or not. You can choose from any of the three dong sizes right for you, all included with the kit.

For solo play, silicone is the way to go. If you are looking for a masturbatory sleeve, The Head Honcho is a main contender. Its three separate suction chambers will provide the most of friction, lubrication, and use your body heat to give you the feeling of performed oral sex. The Head Honcho is thick, making it easy grip and maneuver, and cleaning it is a breeze.

Best Penis Pump Sleeve

It is understandable that people suffering from erectile dysfunction don’t always feel comfortable using sleeves or extenders. Fortunately, pumps offer a temporary solution that can be entirely satisfactory without being invasive.

Penis pump sleeves use air or water to seal the penis in a low-pressure compartment, increasing the blood flow to the erectile tissue. This increase in the blood inside the penis can result in firmer, long-lasting erections. Some penis pumps can achieve permanent extension of the penis, but it requires a bit more work and patience than regular extenders.

As a safer alternative, most of our recommended sleeves do not present possible side effects. Contrary to them, penis pumps may leave some bruises or blisters on your penis, especially if you do not follow a pumps rules of use closely.

Our first recommended pump is His Enlargement Kit, which states that it is a kit more than a mere pump. This tight-sealing pump is easy to use and comfortable. It includes an assorting of extra fun accessories: a textured sleeve extender for your pleasure, a cage extender for additional support, and a couple of erection enhancement rings that will keep you harder, for longer.

Are you searching for something a little more exclusive? The Smart Penis Pump is a fancy alternative. It is an automatic and powerful device that can double as a masturbation sleeve. Its inner chamber is thick enough to hold your penis and seal it against external pressure, while its texture caresses you with waves of stroking pleasure. The three automatic modes of the Smart Penis Pump will exercise you and improve your endurance and stamina.

Best Realistic Penis Sleeve 

Gone are the days when we had to accept a simplistic design meant to mimic the look of a real penis. Current innovation it material and design allow manufacturers to play with hardness, surface textures, colors, and other features gifting us with a massive variety of sleeves in all shapes and sizes.

However, the cherry on top of this feast of possibilities still remains the realistic penis sleeve. These anatomically correct sleeves continue to have the most natural look and feel. These sleeves flaunt every realistic feature you could want for yourself from the exterior shaft veins to the slight curvatures. They will make you look and feel like you are wearing a custom-made new penis.

The best realistic penis sleeves you can find belong to the RX Sleeve collection. Choose your desired length and girth, adjust to your desired skin color, decide on the head size and curvature, and get ready to wear the penis of your dreams. They use body-safe silicone in two different hardness options, catering to the users specific needs.

Best Vibrating Penis Sleeve

As much as we might want to wear sleeves to extend our penis size or provide support, our primary purpose is to obtain and give pleasure. Masturbatory sleeves have inner textures and gripping mechanisms that increase your sensations and can take your orgasms to new heights.

Add a vibrator to these sleeves and let yourself loose! Vibrator sleeves embrace your penis and apply pulses, vibrations, and even suction to arouse you and guide you to a mind-blowing orgasm, even if not erect.

Instead of the natural look of extension sleeves, most of the solo play vibrator sleeves look like something dreamt out of a science fiction movie. This out-of-this-world look is one of the most attractive features of our first choice for the best vibrator penis sleeve, the Arcwave Ion. This high-tech sleeve uses a combination of airwave pulses, vibrations, and suction to stimulate your pleasure center near the penis head, the frenulum. Take this erotic spaceship on a ride to new pleasure frontiers.

Of course, there are vibrator sleeves for couples. These sleeves have a more realistic dildo shape than the their solo counterparts. A small, battery-powered vibrator emits waves of pleasure for the wearer and their partner in contact with the sleeve.

The best vibrating penis sleeve of its kind is the Rabbit sleeve, a clever combination of the famous Rabbit Vibrator with a clear silicone enhancer sleeve. The bullet vibrator is powerful enough to send ripples of pleasure through sleeves entirety, and you can remove it for some portable fun with your partner.

When you use one of these sleeves, remember to put them on when you are semi-erect, and use plenty of lube on your penis and sleeve interior. For this purpose, we highly recommend a reliable, safe lube. Our water-based natural lubricant GoLove will soothe your skin with hyaluronic serum while its added CBD relaxes your body and blows away any feeling of discomfort or performance anxiety.

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