Best Sex Positions for Senior Citizens

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There’s a saying that goes, “Every day is an opportunity to make a new happy ending,” and what could be happier time then spending hours with our significant other to enjoy ourselves? After all, who says that getting older should preclude you from getting intimate? 

Age is only a number, and you’re so much more than that. Learn how to enjoy intimacy with a bit of extra care with these ten best sex positions for senior citizens.

Sex Positions For Seniors

We agree that when you reach past your 60’s, certain parts of your body don't feel the same way they did back in our younger days. As we age, we experience both physical and emotional changes when it comes to sex. 

Vaginas lose elasticity, muscle tone, lubrication, and lining thickness. On the other hand, the penis experiences difficulty getting an erection or staying erect due to a decreased blood flow to the genitals. All these symptoms are consequences of lower estrogen and testosterone levels, affecting our overall libido and arousal. 

Moreover, due to various conditions that typically appear as we age, backs and knees can get slightly creaky. Arthritis, back pain, hip pain, and knee pain are the most common types. 

Despite all that, you know that you don't to ignore your sexual desire, or see your sex life disappear all together. Learning how to have the right kind of comfortable sex, that will. be easy on your joints and vulnerable areas is an important step in achieving great sex in your golden years.

Like you, your sex life is constantly changing, and your partner shares similar changes as well. A lifetime of experience and years of shared intimacy deserves some passionate sex to keep the fire burning. Don’t see pain as an impediment; its job is to protect you and prevent damage. Here we have gathered a few suggestions and these modified positions to try, and with patience, and the right attitude prepare yourself for some sexy experimentation.


Many senior partners experience pain or difficulty standing for long periods or leaning backwards. For these reasons, the flexion of spooning is the ideal position for getting intimate sex without injuring your lower back, hips, and wrist. Additionally, it’s great for those with fibromyalgia because the bed supports the body.

Although this cuddle position is considered a post-coital position for many, this doesn’t mean that you can’t start building towards climax in spoon position. The key is to use  lube and stimulate the genital area to heighten sensations by incorporating a sex toy or using those free hands you got to stimulate your partner’s erogenous zones.

Lay side by side in a parallel way. The penetrative partner should cuddle up to your back while you press back against them, rubbing. Alternatively, they can penetrate you from behind. Lift a leg so your partner can enter from an angle. This position may bring some relief to your back and your hips, while offering close proximity to vaginal and anal entry. If your partner has arthritis or back pain, they can prop their elbow up so that their hand supports their head. 

Doggy Style

The Classic Doggy style requires entry from behind while the other partner faces away on her knees. Although this position is particularly stimulating for people with vaginas, it can be painful if any partners have back pain. Nevertheless, the doggy style is great for couples who are overweight or experiencing hip pain, and it can be adapted to lessen the pressure and agility needed to perform it. 

Incorporating a  cock ring can be really useful as it prevents blood from leaving the shaft of the penis. Place some pillows under the penetrated partner’s arms for better support. With this advice in mind, try these modified doggy style positions: 

Standing Doggy Style

Standing doggy style enables one partner to stand to do the penetrating while the receiving partner kneels in front of the bed.Notice that for the partner being penetrated, this position takes the pressure off the back. If you have back pain, make sure not to arch your back. 

Adding pillows under the stomach and upper body will offer extra support. Standing sex eases stress on the knees and back. Incorporating a  doggy-style strap can be a helpful addition since it allows the penetrating partner to use their arms, more than their hips, to create the thrusting motion. 

Modified Sitting Doggy Style

This position is ideal if your penetrating partner is in a wheelchair or experiences hip pain. First, situate the wheelchair or chair facing the edge of the bed. Then, with the penetrating couple seated, lower down onto them with your back facing them.

The edge of the bed will be your support. Use your arms and upper body against the bed to thrust up and down on your sitting lover. 


Suffering from shoulder or lower back pain? Throw one leg over your partner’s while you both lie down on your backs, nestled closely side-by-side. Then, position yourselves at an angle that allows for entry. To add some friskiness to the foray, consider these  cuffs and a tether to help keep your legs secure and stable.

The Hot Seat

Like the Modified Sitting Doggy Style, The Hot Seat is an excellent option for wheelchair sex because it allows for deeper penetration while using the chair for stability and comfort. It is an ideal position for partners with limited mobility, lower back, knee, or foot pain, or those that feel more comfortable being seated. 

The penetrating partner sits in the chair, with their back flushed against the backrest for support. Then, the receiving partner sits on their partner’s lap, with their legs and feet over theirs. Take advantage of being faced towards each other to gaze in to their eyes and increase the intimacy of the moment. The receiving partner can use the armrests for stability and control of the angle, speed, and depth.

Notice that the chair must have a firm base, a straight back, and be close enough to the ground so the receiving partner can touch the ground with their feet to steady themselves. Using a proper chair for this activity can make this position great to relieve stress on the back and legs. If you enjoy the thrill of blindfolding and tying your partner, using a bondage kit can add a little spice to your love-making.

Standing Sex

If you experience joint pain or osteoporosis, standing sex could be just what the doctor ordered. First, try standing with your back to your partner, and support your upper body by leaning against a wall, counter, or ledge. Adding a pillow for your elbows can provide a lot of comfort. Then, allow your partner to enter you from behind while reaching ahead to use the same ledge or wall for support. For an extra secure support system, use a  suction handle attached to the wall or shelf.


The missionary position is ideal for those with hip, knee, or back pain. However, it requires you to lay flat on your back while your partner gets on top. If the pressure on your back is unpleasant, try to experiment with this helpful modified version with the help of a few pillows. Your lower back will thank you later.

Modified Missionary

Instead of lying with your legs flat like in Regular Missionary, place  pillows below your hips and raise your legs in the air while your couple stands on the edge of the bed. This way, the penetrating partner will thrust you with their entire body, not only their hips. 

If their knee or back pain is too intense, alter the missionary to a standing position. With you coming closer to the edge of the bed, your partner stands upright and thrusts. You’ll be perpendicular instead of parallel, ensuring there’s no pressure on the back and no weight on the knees.


Hop on and ride to pleasure controlling pace and depth with the Cowgirl position. With your couple laying flat, get on top to straddle them. Lean over and use your hands for more support. This is one of the best sex positions for senior citizens as the penetrating partner requires little physical mobility.

Sideways 69

Great for those with carpal tunnel or rheumatoid arthritis, Sideways 69 offers thrilling dual oral stimulation. This is a great sex position for senior citizens since it offers no weight burden on each other’s hands, wrists, or joints. 

Have both partners lay sideways, heads opposite one another, facing each other’s genitals. Keep the flame alive by applying some water-based lube to play with your favorite toys.

We hope that these doctor-approved bits of advice and sex positions will help you find what works best for you and your partner. Don’t put off sex and intimacy any longer, rediscover comfort and reawaken desire.  When you adopt a daily skin care regime for your labia and perineal skin you will be practicing the most intimate self-care that can launch into an erotic exploratory journey of pleasure and excitement.

Senior sex is more than just a set of positions. It involves discovering new empowering ways of broadening your definition of sex. It is not all about penetration or oral sex with the end goal of orgasms. Instead, take your time to focus on what you’re feeling and how satisfying it is. 

You can reach orgasms without penetration, and fantastic sex can happen without concluding in orgasm. Eroticism is about play and imagination, and for that, we don’t need bodies functioning like they did when we were 20. The right attitude, passion, and effort is all that we need. Enjoy yourselves! 


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