Getting Familiar with Clitoral Stimulation

Getting Familiar with Clitoral Stimulation GoLove CBD Lube

Clitoral stimulation: What do women truly know about it? While we tend to explore our bodies through masturbation, we discover that clitoral stimulation feels incredibly satisfying. Even with knowing this feeling, it’s common for many women to not have education around their clitoris, its complete anatomy, and how to explore it.

This isn’t anyone's fault, but more so a lack in education. As an article put, “In the history of sexual anatomy, the clitoris has long been dismissed, demeaned, and misunderstood. The full anatomical structure of the clitoris wasn’t published until 2005, when urologist Helen O’Connell bravely published it to the public [4]. With so much of the clitoris misunderstood or unacknowledged, how do we get familiar with our own?

Clitoral anatomy shown through

In embryo, our XY or XX chromosomes determine whether our genitals form into a vulva/clitoris or a penis. Much like a penis, the clitoris also engorges with blood due to the same erectile tissues, getting “erect” when sexually aroused. Comprising erectile tissue and over 8,000 nerve endings, its only functional purpose is to give sexual arousal and pleasure. Interestingly, this makes it the only human body part to give pleasure, and nothing else. 


Getting Familiar with Clitoral Stimulation GoLove CBD


When examining the clitoral anatomy, we see it's in the shape of a wishbone and composed of multiple parts, outlined in the illustration above. What's visible on the surface is truly the “tip of the iceberg”, or the clitoral glans (head), which is neatly protected under the clitoral hood.

In the media, we see the term G-Spot used a lot, often referred to as a mysterious spot inside the vagina. The G-Spot is the "urethral sponge" which is wrapped around the sensitive urethral cord and engorges with blood flow during arousal to protect it during intercourse. It's located about 2-3 inches up inside the vagina. This explains why internal stimulation can be equally as pleasurable, although about 80% of women require clitoral stimulation in some form to climax [3].

Clitoral stimulation isn’t always possible, or pleasurable

More often than not, women who wonder about clitoral stimulation have simply not explored it fully. We usually discover our clitoris and its functions by ourselves through masturbation, with a partner, or with a pleasure product. With clitoral stimulation being somewhat of a requirement for climax, it’s no surprise it's easily affected by internal and external factors of our life. 

A common complaint for women is “clitoral numbness”, or trouble feeling sensation in the clitoris [1]. This, alongside conditions like painful sex, can be caused by numerous factors such as:

A condition that’s not considered as frequently is a hypersensitive clitoris, making clitoral stimulation sometimes unbearable or painful [2]. With the whole spectrum of clitoral stimulation considered, there are still healthy and pleasurable ways to explore clitoral stimulation. Going with your own rhythm, we encourage you to explore. 

Use a good lube for friction

First things first, clitoral stimulation means making contact with the clitoris using pleasurable techniques. This could mean touching, rubbing, or using vibration on it: and a good moisturizing, silky product is needed! Using a moisturizer designed for your intimate skin not only protects the delicate tissues against injury, but also adds better sensation. We recommend our GoLove CBD Intimate Serum to set the stage for enjoyment.

Exploring using your finger pads

Making sure the clitoris is properly lubricated, and exploring with your hands is a very safe and effective manner of clitoral stimulation. It’s easy to control pressure, motion, and frequency: truly, it’s in your hands! Using your middle and pointer finger, practice gentle pressure while rubbing in a circular motion, starting clockwise, or counter clockwise to see what feels good. 

Many experiment with different motions like swaying the fingers back and forth like a pendulum, tapping, or grinding against the flat of the hand. These same methods can be explored with a partner, adding a different element of sexual stimulation. More orgasmic techniques can be found in our Founder Dr. Sadie Allison’s illustrated books, The Mystery of the Undercover Clitoris—Orgasmic Fingertip Touching Every Woman Craves” and "Tickle Your Fancy—A Woman's Guide to Sexual Self-Pleasure".

Pleasure products greatly enhance clitoral stimulation

There’s no question that pleasure products like vibrators are a great addition when exploring clitoral stimulation. Women and couples may feel hesitant to add pleasure products, fearing they will replace manual or coupled stimulation. Here at GoLove, we describe pleasure products as enhancements, that simply boost what you already share with yourself or with a partner. 

Besides, pleasure products may not only be enhancements, but essentials to those who have clitoral sensitivity issues. We recommend exploring our boutique, or our sister company Tickle Kitty for great clitoral stimulation options.

Experiencing clitoral numbness? Try this

Clitoral numbness can happen for many reasons: and pleasure products may be the solution. Combined with our GoLove Intimate CBD Serum to provide topical glide and comfort, we recommend trying a vibrator like the Magic Wand. The broad, silicone “head” of the wand covers a wider area, giving powerful vibrations to the clitoris and vulva. Wand massagers give the benefit of being incredibly strong, but also gentle: Our community has reported that incorporating a vibrator not only brought back sensation, but strengthened their ability to climax and enjoy partnered sex. 

Hypersensitive clitoris? Try this

When experiencing hypersensitivity of the clitoris, any pressure or rubbing motions can feel overbearing or painful. We love recommending the Womanizer Premium, which uses air pulse technology to gently stimulate the clitoris. Womanizer Premium makes no contact with the clitoris, ensuring that exploration can be done safely. We recommend combining this with our GoLove Intimate CBD Serum, which can create a smooth, moisturizing glide to your skin.

Clitoral stimulation is subjectively incredible

The beauty of clitoral stimulation is just how differently its' experienced by each person. No right or wrong, we highly recommend exploring different methods and sensations to find the correct fit for pleasure. 






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