How is Lube Made?

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Lubrication is essential to us for more than we might imagine. It is a common misconception that lube is something only necessary when engaging in sexual stimulation, but it is also the great tool for taking care of our genitalia.

It is irrefutably true that sex is one of lubes primary uses. The right lubes can heighten pleasurable sensations, allows for more adventurous play and the safer use of sex toys of all shapes and sizes. For this reason, using reliable, non-irritating products is crucial. Be aware that some formulas contain ingredients that are believed to increase the risk of getting a yeast infection and the cause of other health problems.

But how is lube made? Although it may not seem like an important question to ask, knowing what the lube that you apply to your most sensitive areas contains may save you from potentially dangerous skin problems. Next time you go shopping at your local sex shop or online, this simple guide will help guide you know which ones are great and which ones to avoid.

How is Water-based Lube Made?

Water-based lubricants are the  best lubes for sensitive skin. They are easiest to clean, and their composition and consistency are similar to that of your body’s natural lubrication. These qualities make water-based lube a highly versatile product.  

Sexual wellness clinicians recommend water-based lubes that are pH-balanced for a woman’s delicate vaginal environment. 

Some ingredients often used to create these lubes are humectants that prevent the water from evaporating too quickly. Because water is a nutrient for microorganisms, this helps inhibit their growth and prevents the product from spoiling. The two most common humectants are glycerin and propylene glycol, which are thickeners. Usually these lubricants are cellulose-based, non-poisonous, and antimicrobial.

However, like propylene glycol, some humectants can cause allergic reactions to people with sensitive skin [1]. This is why it's essential to test your lubes on a small area of your skin before applying any to your genitalia.

How is Silicone-based Lube Made?

Silicone-based lubricants are usually created with four or fewer ingredients and do not contain any water. They last longer because they are not absorbed by the skin or mucus membranes, making them harder to wash off and leave a tacky sensation on silicone sex toys. Commonly, silicone-based lubricants are preferred by women with certain medical conditions like dryness and menopausal. The silicone-based lubes are the most slippery, which can make them a suitable choice for non-vaginal and anal intercourse. Additionally, staying wet for long periods of time makes them ideal for extended intercourse.


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