How to Give a Lingam Massage

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The practice of tantric meditation offers us multiple ways to focus on the connection between our bodies and minds, seek spirituality, and achieve an intimate knowledge of ourselves.

Tantric meditation is also a discipline that you can practice with your partner. The tantric exercises are a fantastic way of strengthening your bond as a couple through the expressions of feelings and the interchange of sexual energy. The lingam massage is one of the lesser known tantric practices, yet it will bring you and your partner together in a flood of spiritual and sexual pleasure.

What is a Lingam Massage

The word “lingam” comes from the Sanskrit word for the penis, and it has a rough yet poetic translation as “wand of light.” If you are wondering what a lingam massage is, it is just what it sounds like: a penis massage. However, the lingam massage is very far from the “happy ending” massage or the routine hand job. If hand jobs were like "whistling a tune", the lingam massage would be a symphony.

The tantric experience roots in the respect and caring both members of a couple feel for each other. You and your partner get to express your feelings and focus them on techniques that address your inner life force to enhance mutual pleasure. The lingam and yoni massages are examples of these techniques. The  yoni massage focuses on the vulva and the vagina, while the lingam massage focuses the pleasure flow around the penis and its surrounding pleasure centers, the testicles, perineum, and the prostate.

Lingam Massage Benefits 

Some people feel intimidated by the idea of touching their partner’s lingam or think that giving pleasure to it has the sole purpose of ejaculation. Tantric massaging is much more than merely reaching climax. It provides you with a holistic experience where you meld your body and mind in a mindful meditation over the flow of your spiritual and sexual beings.

The spiritual healing of the lingam massage brings you an opportunity to overcome past traumas and issues with your self-image. It also helps you improve trust issues around body exposure and vulnerability. Your sexual intuition will develop in a way that lets you understand better your desires and boundaries and read your partner’s body language to find the clues you may use to enhance your future sexual experiences. 

The mutual understanding you obtain through the practice of tantric massages strengthens your bonds as a couple and deepens the mutual empathy that makes a pivotal part of your relationship.

Furthermore, the therapeutic benefits of lingam massage go beyond the spiritual and emotional to the physiologic health improvement. The gradual release of “happy hormones” endorphin, dopamine, and oxytocin relieves the stress from your mind and body. The orgasm delay has encouraging results in treating sexual problems like premature ejaculation and difficulty achieving orgasm. 

Finally, the regular practice of lingam massage also improves the toning of your genital muscles, increases sexual stamina, and helps to deal with impotence issues.

Lingam Massage Techniques

You do not need to be an advanced scholar of tantric disciplines to learn how to do a lingam massage. All you need is a loving disposition, a desire to indulge in the flow of sexual life force, and the will to get to know your partner’s body. In this article, we give you some helpful hints on how to give a lingam massage to yourself or your significant other.

First off, it's time to set the mood. Immerse yourselves in a meditative environment with warm, toned-down lights, soft music, perhaps some incense or aromatic candles. Engage all your senses in a reverie of relaxation. Then, have your partner lying or sitting in a comfortable position that gives you easy access to their genital area. You may place a pillow under their hips to raise them a little.

Start by relaxing your partner with a caressing touch. Synchronize your breaths and pet their inner thighs with the softest motions. Use scented massage oil to get your fingers to glide over your partner’s skin smoothly. For instance, the lavender aroma of  Unwind CBD Body Oil will relax their mind and put them in the mood to focus on the tactile sensations.

Approach very slowly to the lingam. Apply a bit of pressure to the tendons near the base of the testicles without touching them. Massage your partner’s pubic bone just above the penis while reading their reactions to your touch, seeing how they feel about the different motions. 

Take your time before you start massaging their testicles. Gently play with them using various sensorial stimulation, caress them with your fingertips and nails, cup them, tug on them slightly. Let your hands wander down to their perineum, the area between the testicles and the anus, and massage it in different directions varying the amount of pressure.

When you think both of you are ready, you can get to the lingam. Use a water-based lubricant like  GoLove to slide your fingers along, make eye contact with your partner, and praise them. Tell them how much you care for them and how good are they at receiving your attention. Carefully keep your partner focused in the mindful meditation and accompany them in performing bliss breaths, deep and slow breaths that you execute only through your nostrils, focusing on the experience you are sharing. 

Bliss Breathes are those you take when you feel satisfied and content, like when you finish a delicious meal or hug your favorite person. Taste your partner’s arousal when you inhale and send them all your care and love when you exhale.

On the other hand, the massaging of the shaft must be as varied as you can make it. Experiment with different grip directions, intensities, lengths, and speeds of your strokes. Twist your wrist for an extraordinary sensation, or start with a straight motion from the root of the penis and curl when you reach the head. 

Now and then, brush with your fingertips the frenulum, the thin band of tissue that connects the shaft’s underside with the head of the lingam. This tissue is susceptible to erotic stimulation and will bring an incredible amount of pleasure to your partner (or yourself if you engage in tantric masturbation).

Do not restrain yourself by using only one hand. When you use both hands to perform a lingam massage, you will find more room for creativity and new ways of giving pleasure. Align your fingers in the same direction for a while, and then change them to oppose each other. Move them together as one or detach them and give the independent, opposing, or rotating motions.

If your partner consents, you can also massage their Sacred Spot, the prostate. This gland is the size of a walnut, sits between the bladder and the penis, and has an essential role in producing seminal fluid. The prostate is also a point of great pleasure when you stimulate it correctly. With their consent, you can access your partner’s sacred spot from their anus. 

Make sure that your fingernails are trimmed and smooth, and apply a generous amount of  lubricant on your fingers. Gently trace circles around your partner’s anus until they allow you entrance. Be mindful of your partner’s breathing and body response while you slowly push your finger inside two or three inches and rub the front wall of the rectal passage. 

When you find their prostate, caress it by moving your finger in different directions, making circles, or curving it in a come hither motion. Your partner will feel indescribable pleasure and might reach their climax even without massaging their lingam. If you both desire it and feel safer that way, you can also use prostate stimulators to massage your partner’s prostate.

The purpose of the lingam massage lies more in the feelings and emotional connection than in achieving the climax. That is why delaying the moment of ejaculation can bring both of you even more pleasure than a quick orgasm. This practice also receives the name “edging” on account of driving your partner to the edge of orgasm and then slowing down to avoid reaching the peak of it. 

You can repeat this event several times during your lingam massage until your partner asks to finish their climax. The penis might soften after you bring it back from the edge, but this is normal, and it will recover its hardness with some tender caressing.

Lingam Massage and CBD 

GoLove is a perfect companion for your lingam massage. It will help your partner (or yourself) enjoy your touch when the skin is moisturized and hydrated, which allows relaxation into  the meditative state that will bring out the best effects of the lingam massage. Since it is water-based and free of allergens, parabens, or glycerin, GoLove is safe for your skin and will not damage your condoms or silicone sex toys. In addition, the hyaluronic serum of GoLove will soothe your and your partner’s skin, leaving it silky soft and as well-loved as it deserves.

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