Sex Positions for Broken Ankle

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If you are reading this, you or your partner are probably on crutches. Each year in the United States, over 6 million fractures occur, of which broken ankles are one of the most frequent. When you have a broken ankle, anything that involves moving requires a certain level of strategy— and sex is no different. 

But there is no need to let this temporary setback throw a wrench into your your sex life.We created this article to give you creative solutions tokeep intimacy alive with your significant other while your ankle recovers.

Sex and Fracture Healing

Recent studies, such as Enhancement and Acceleration of Fracture Healing by Sex Steroids, have shown that estrogen and testosterone not only can amplify the biomechanical stability of fractures but also can accelerate their healing process. 

Sexual activity boosts both testosterone and estrogen levels while increasing blood flow. A fresh blood supply starts to pump through your body, providing you with healthy dose of these sex steroids and oxygen.

In addition to that, sex has the amazing ability to act as a pain reliever. Whenever you engage in sexual activity, oxytocin levels begin to increase, releasing hormone-like chemicals that bear a close functional resemblance to morphine known as endorphins. 

If we can have sex without aggravating the fracture, sex can help make the healing process faster.

Even though the role of sex steroids in bone healing is well-established, there is a lack of studies on humans. For this reason, it is important to openly talk with your doctor about the ability of sex for your particular injury. This is important since each injury is different, and can have unique rusks. Although this conversation may feel slightly awkward, your doctor’s insight can prevent any further harm to your body.

Sex Positions for Broken Ankle

When having sex with a broken ankle, you’ll need to limit your sexual repertoire to positions that don’t put any weight on your injury. 

The Missionary

The missionary position is perfect for either vaginal or anal penetration. The partner with the broken ankle should be lying flat on their back, while the other partner is situated on top, facing them. The partner on top takes almost complete control of both pleasures when it comes to speed and depth of penetration. The partner on the bottom should leave the leg with the casted foot supported on the bed while the top partner holds the other leg in the air. 

As an alternative, the person with the broken ankle can sit on top to prop themselves up on their arms while resting the knee on the bed. Eventually, it can lie down a bit and put more of their weight on their partner, careful not to re-injure the broken ankle.This position can be very satisfying as it creates close contact between you and your partner. Just lie back, relax and arch your back. Play with the position of your hips to create different angles and sensations for both partners. 

Reverse Cowgirl 

The reverse cowgirl position will make you feel empowered and in control. In this sex position, the person receiving penetration sits on top of their partner, facing away toward their partner’s feet. The person on top can control the pace, rhythm, and depth of penetration.

The partner with the broken ankle can situate themselves below their partner, with both legs out in front. The top partner bounces up and down, ensuring that the casted foot has support. 

Alternatively, the injured person may be the top partner, and can gently grind their hips back and forth.

The Reverse Cowgirl gives easy access to the clitoris, meaning that you can stimulate yourself with your hands or with a sex toy, like our Womanizer Premium, which uses suction and vibration for targeted clitoral stimulation. 

Seated Reverse Cowgirl

After a few days of the injury, you can try the seated version of reverse cowgirl. If you’re the one with the ankle issue,have your partner sit on the edge of the bed and ease yourself down onto their lap help while you rest your casted foot leg on a pillow in a chair. If you’re the penetrating partner, sit on the edge of the bed, rest your leg on a chair and enjoy your lover’s moves.


Spooning is one of the hottest sex positions for romantics out there. We love this position because of the cozy setup, skin-to-skin contact, and the endless opportunities your partner has to reach you with their hands for added sensation. 

Both partners lie on their sides, facing the same direction connecting at almost every inch.  One partner acts as the big spoon, the other as the little spoon. 

The big spoon can kiss your neck, stroke your nipples, squeeze your hips, penetrate you or massage your genital area. If you want, you can switch positions and be the one in charge. Experiment with leg positioning to find what feels best for the broken ankle.


Get to the deepest penetration with doggy-style. Bend over one of your bed’s corners, resting the knee of the casted foot’s leg on edge. Keep your hips raised, and rest your head and arms on the bed. Let your partner penetrate you from behind, moving back and forth or in circles while you flex your back so your lover can hit your most sensitive spots. For a doubly powerful climax, add lubricant and use your fingers to stimulate your genitalia as your partner thrusts.

If your knees, back, or neck are sore, fix this by standing on one foot while bending over onto a table, desk, or chair back. Also, you can stand up and lean forward slightly against a wall. Bend the knee of the casted foot by moving your ankle up. For more comfort, try lying flat on your stomach, with or without a pillow under your pelvis. 


Scissoring is a sexual position between two partners who sit facing each other and cross their legs so that their genitals touch, imitating the blades of two scissors that cross each other and touch at the base. Scissoring it’s not only for women. As the missionary position, it creates close contact between you and your significant other. 

The partner with the broken ankle should lie down on the side of the fracture, resting the leg on the bed completely. Get comfy playing around with which motion and angles feel best. Make sure to use lube for increased comfort. Otherwise, this position can cause chafing due to friction. Use GoLove Water-based intimate lubricant to relax your pelvic muscles and increase sensations to awaken true passion. Moreover, it calms your mind and eases your body while moisturizing your body's most sensitive skin.

Does the medication that my doctor prescribed have any sexual side effects?

Remember that if you take prescription pain relievers like Vicodin or Percocet, it may reduce your sexual interest. Exogenous opiates, such as morphine and heroin, inhibit LH-releasing hormone and minimize LH and testosterone levels. Moreover, it alters the genital response while blocking ejaculation and orgasm. A study published in the American Journal of Public Health explains these adverse effects on sexuality in male and female patients with Long-Term Opioid Analgesic Use. These side-effects will spontaneously revert during the opiate withdrawal.

Get Creative

Your current injury can help you unlock creativity in your intimacy. It’s a great time to experiment with sex toys, mutual masturbation, oral sex and new positions. It’s also a great time to try and take foreplay to the next level. Get creative and don’t let your injury prevent you from living life to the fullest. 

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