Sex Positions for Broken Arm

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Sex Positions for Broken Arm

We know that pain can be a potent libido slayer. If you’re reading this article, you probably know or are experiencing what we are talking about. When you break a bone, it takes at least 6 to 8 weeks to heal, but this doesn’t mean that you have hit the pause button on sex and intimacy. Learn to stay in touch with your significant other despite this temporary injury. 

On the other hand, if your partner is the one with the broken arm, this article might be helpful to teach you how to build a stronger connection and increase your awareness of how to please your partner during recuperation, and  navigating their body. For both cases, we’ve gathered these doctor-approved sex positions for a broken arm to modify your routine until you have recovered back to your full ability.

Best Positions for Broken Arm 

Doggy Style

This classic sex position will be comfortable for your cast laden partner. Furthermore, any pairing can enjoy this position with the right accessories. This position is for all to enjoy!

Get on your hands and knees. Then, have your partner kneel behind you, with their upper body straight up, while holding on to you with their other hand. This position allows your partner to control their arm, giving them enough space to knows what hurts and what doesn't, while taking the lead on how much movement is happening, and the intensity. Alternatively, you could bend over the edge of the bed with your partner standing.

This sex position allows deep vaginal or anal penetration and easier G-spot stimulation. If you have a vagina, boost your pleasure by stimulating your clitoris with your hands or a sex toy

Comfy Leap Frog

This sex position while having a broken arm helps to manage your pain by taking the lead of movements.

Kneel and lie face down, resting your head and arms on the bed while keeping your hips raised. For comfort, feel free to use a pillow if available. While your couple enters you deeply from behind, stimulate your genitalia and prepare yourself for a mind-blowing orgasm. 


Ride your way into climax with this sex position. Take the lead of the pace, and control the grinding while your partner rests on their back, protecting the broken arm.This position usually involves the person on top being penetrated. As mentioned earlier, the right accessory can come in handy!

Let your partner lie down on their back. Take a pillow and place it across their chest. Then, place the cast on the pillow and ensure that it is above your heart. A second option is to put pillows on either side of your elbow and point your fingers to the ceiling. Now that the broken arm is secured, it’s time to Giddy Up! For a more comfortable position, your partner can place a pillow under your knees. 

Kneel on top with yourlegs on either side of their hips. Experiment with which movements your partner feels good and what doesn’t increase their discomfort. You can vary sliding up and down their thighs, grinding your hips against your partner, which is excellent for clitoral stimulation, or moving your hips in circles. If you get tired, hold still and let your significant other help you with the work. Additionally,you can experiment with putting a pillow or two underneath your partner's hips to make the riding more accessible.

Lean back and support yourself on their thighs to relieve some of your weight from their pelvis. Play withwidening your knees or bringing them closer to your lover and discover new sensations. 

Reverse Cowgirl

The Reverse Cowgirl might be perfect to show your partner the pace and rhythm you like.

After your partner lies on their back and secures their injured arm, straddle them, facing their feet. Rest your hands on their legs and let your couple enjoy the great rearview. Play with movements or angles and add some spice with a sex toy. Apply some  GoLovewater-based lube and thank us later. 

The Chairman

If you are the one suffering the injury, have your partner sit on the edge of the bed or bench and sit on them, facing away. Be aware of your movements, starting low and steady. Check in with yourself, and with what feels good for your broken arm, and increase the velocity and intensity toward a mind blowing orgasm for you both.

Lay back and feel your lover’s heat while you stimulate yours or their scrotum, perineum, or clitoris. Squeeze your pelvic muscles and experience rhythmically how sexual arousal invades you both. 

Ribbon or Reverse Spoon

Here’s a sex position for broken arm to make you feel safe and comfy with your cast. Lie on your side, with the injured arm facing the ceiling. Place a large pillow under the injured arm to rest it at chest height while you bent the other arm with the elbow under your head. Optionally, put a pillow under their head andanother between your knees for a more suitable position

Now, your partner lies on their side behind you, facing to your feet. Allow them to hold their head with one hand while placing their second hand on your hip. Then, your partner should bend their knees and slightly drive them apart, keeping their feet together. Next, ask them to enter them from behind or stimulate your genital area with their fingers or a sex toy. Spread one leg and rest it on their waist, hip or thigh to make room for more pleasure. 

Saucy Spoon

The sexiest of the kitchen utensils! Increase the intimacy and stay connected with the saucy spoon position, perfect for languorous lovemaking. This position usually involves the person with the broken arm being penetrated vaginally or anally. 

Just like with the reverse spoon, prepare yourself for action with a couple of pillows. Lie on your side with your casted arm resting on a pillow and let the fun begin.

Once your partner is behind you, both facing the same direction, allow them to explore your private area, perineum, breast, or nipples to raise the simmer to a boil between you both. Give them some hands-on instruction, so your partner can lean to the type of touch you need. Then, ease your sex cravings with penetration while you push your butt towards them. 

One last piece of advice: If your doctor prescribed a drug to numb your pain, it might not be a good idea to take them before having sex. If possible, try to attempt these different sex positions when you’re free of painkillers to be fully aware of what hurts and what’s safe. Be mindful of the painkiller potency because you could be aggravating your injury without even notice. 

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