Sex Positions to Reduce Leg Pain

A close up of a woman's leg

If you suffer from leg pain, finding the perfect sex positions can be tricky. A wrong move can aggravate an already existing injury, worsen your pain,and ruin what should be a happy, joyful experience. 

If you’re reading this, it’s probable that you’re dealing with leg pain or looking up on behalf of an afflicted partner. Having sex while suffering from leg pain can be anxiety-inducing, uncomfortable, and sometimes painful if not done right. But just because you or your partner is dealing with pain doesn’t mean that sex has to be boring.

That being said, if you or your partner are experiencing leg pain during sex, we recommend visiting your doctor for a complete diagnosis and treatment. 

Best Sex Positions to Reduce Leg Pain

Your posture is most important in preventing leg pain during sex. Here are some sex positions recommended by therapists to help reduce leg pain:


Often accused of being boring, the classic Missionary position can be both ergonomic and pleasurable. Instead of spreading your legs, ask your partner to straddle your body with theirs. This way, you don't exert unwanted pressure on your legs. This posture is a great option when the height difference is an issue.

Missionary Variations

There are several variations of the Missionary position that can help you find more comfort and unlock more pleasure. Place a pillow under your hips to lift them. Doing this will allow your partner to achieve an angle that doesn't put stress on your legs. Moreover, this posture brings you and your partner’s pubic bones closer, which will result in better clitoral stimulation. Try using another pillow, or a rolled towel, under your legs for added protection.

Another Missionary variation you can try is to lift your legs and wrap them around your partner. This position allows you to use your partner’s legs or hips as a support.

Face Down Doggy Position

Laying on your stomach can bring you relief from leg pain. Simply bend your legs and bend your body forward. Let your partner approach you from behind, being careful not to put weight on your legs.

Bottoms Up

You can try a variation of the Face Down position that can be especially helpful if you also have hip pain. Put a wedge cushion or a pillow under your hips. This position will lift your bottom and allow comfortable penetration.


This position works better on a high surface, at the height of your partner’s genitals. You can try it on a desk or table, using as many cushions as needed to make yourself comfortable. Lie on your side at the edge and let your partner have sex with you from a standing position. 

Table Top

This position is another one that requires a table or desk. Sit on the table edge facing your partner and let them between your legs. Facing each other is very intimate and will ease your communication, leaving your hands free to explore and pleasure your partner while your legs relax.


The Cowgirl is a great sex position to reduce leg pain that will allow you to control the rhythm of your movements, increasing your pleasure and allowing you to look your partner in the eyes. Let your partner lie down comfortably and sit down on top. This position gives you almost complete lot of control over your pleasure. Your partner can also support your movement with their arms around your waist in a variation known as the Cowgirl Helper.

The Cowgirl can also be varied into the Reverse Cowgirl, where the receiving person faces their partner's feet instead of their face. 


As long as there is no significant height difference, being at the receiving end of this position will ease the pressure on your legs. Face the wall, brace yourself using your hands or forearms, and let your partner lift you from behind. This position is also well received for hip pain since it requires less stretching of the pelvic area. If you have any height difference and still want to try it, a low bench or a stool can do the trick.


Bending over a table, desk, or kitchen counter will ease the weight on your legs and hip while keeping your top half flat and relaxed. Support yourself with hands or forearms and let your partner take care of you.

In the Tub

Taking a bath before sex will soothe your joints and muscles and leave you relaxed and ready for sex. Add some Epsom salts to the water and feel them to relieve soreness from your limbs. If your in the mood, why leave the tub? Having sex in a bathtub can help to relieve the pressure of gravity on your legs. However, make sure that vaginal penetration only occurs above the water to avoid the possibility of infection from bath water entering your vagina. 


This position is not only for some sweet post-coital cuddles, but it can also be the start of an enjoyable and intimate moment. Simply lie on your side and let your partner hug you and then penetrate you from behind. 


The lotus position involves your partner sitting cross-legged, with the receiving partner straddling  them from the front, and circling them with their legs. This position works equally well on a bed or on the ground and you can use as many cushions as you like to increase comfort.


This position is also great for people with leg, back or hip pain. Simply lie down with your heads facing away from each other. Bring your genitals together creating an X with your legs. Then gently rock back and forth. 


Oral sex is a great way to avoid leg pain and achieve intimacy. The Sixty-Nine position is especially great as you and your partner will both enjoy pleasure simultaneously. Simply lie down on top of your partner, with your head towards their feet and lick or suck their penis or vagina.

Early Bird

Depending on your specific type of leg pain, you might feel it less during the mornings, when you have been lying down all night. Take advantage of it and try getting intimate right after you wake up.

Bring Some Toys

Some kinds of pain are invasive and hard to deal with. But there is always a creative solution. Try using vibrators, dildos, anal toys, strokers and penis rings. Some toys even come with mobile apps that allow your partner to control your pleasure. Toys can be a great way to increase intimacy.  Be sure to usea clean water-based lube.



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