Best Sex Positions for Tilted Uterus

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If you have a vagina and experience pain or discomfort when having penetrative sex, it's possible that you may have a tilted uterus.

The uterus is the part of your reproductive system that houses the fetus during pregnancy and produces menstrual fluids when you are not pregnant. It has an inverted pear shape and sits in the abdominal area, near the bladder. 

Personal health is important for everyone. Health professionals advise visiting a gynecologist for a check-up at least annually. These visits will keep you informed about any condition that could be affecting your health or sex life, as is the case with the aforementioned tilted uterus.

What is a Tilted Uterus?

In most people, the uterus is curved towards the front of the body, which professionals refer to as an anteverted uterus. However, 1 in 5 women have this organ curved towards the back of the body, known as a retroverted uterus. If you have a retroverted or tilted uterus, you may discover this during an annual check-up, a pelvic exam, or a transvaginal ultrasound with an empty bladder.

Is it Normal to Have a Tilted Uterus?

The uterus takes its anteverted curve toward the front of the body as it matures during the teenage years of development. The tilted uterus is a natural genetic variation that skips this curving without affecting other biological functions. Pelvic surgery, non-cancerous fibroids, or endometriosis can leave scars that glue the uterus to the back of the pelvis, leaving it retroverted. 

Likewise, strenuous actions over the uterus can stretch the ligaments that keep it in place. This stretch can happen after pregnancy or when the uterus owner engages in rough penetrative sex that impacts the cervix.

A tilted uterus can be turned to an anteverted position using various methods. When the underlying cause for the tilting is endometriosis, a hormonal therapy  could be prescribed to help reverse the tilting. Other tilting conditions may need more invasive procedures, like laparoscopic surgery or having a silicone device inserted. These procedures, however, may not be very effective in reducing the amount of pain during penetrative sex.

Is Having a Tilted Uterus a Health Risk?

Having a retroverted uterus does not affect possible pregnancies. If you have a tilted uterus and want to get pregnant, you will not have any fertility issues associated with your uteruses position. During your pregnancy, you might find yourself experiencing back pain or difficulties urinating. Talk to your obstetrician about your tilted uterus, so they can use different positions to locate your fetus during ultrasounds.

Unfortunately, penetrative sex is affected at a higher rate by a tilted uterus. The head of the partner’s penis or sex toy collides against the uterus through the vaginal walls. This collision can be uncomfortable and downright painful, and can even cause some bleeding. Because of this, some people with tilted uteruses associate pain as a regular part of intercourse. This could result in a lowered interest for penetrative sex, or giving up on their sex life all together.

Thankfully, there is no need to take such measures. We want everyone to have a happy and fulfilling sexual life, regardless of the position of our uteruses. Here we have some recommendations that will help you find the joy in sex you deserve while being mindful of your health. Read below the best sex positions for tilted uterus.

Best Sex Positions for Tilted Uterus (using some lube can help)

If you have a retroverted uterus and fear that penetrative sex with your partner might be too painful to enjoy, sit down and have an honest chat with them. Let your partner know about your condition and make a plan of action together. Transparency between couples can lead to greater intimacy. Healthy communication is key to building a better relationship and even more satisfying sexual encounters.


Indulge in each other. Arousal enlarges the vaginal walls, making penetration by your partner or chosen toy less painful. Take your time caressing  and exploring each other and make the experience a slow enjoyable build for both parties.

Foreplay increases the amount of lubrication released by the body, enhancing the pleasure we experience from sexual play. Extra lubrication is even better. The natural therapeutic CBD from  GoLove will relax your pelvic muscles, give your body a feeling of well-being, and ease any pain or discomfort.

No penetration

Sometimes there is no need for penetration to have a fulfilling and exciting sexual encounter. Oral sex can give you waves of pleasure without disturbing your uterus. The same is true with clitoral stimulation and mutual masturbation.

If you still want to stimulate your G-spot, some clever finger game can reach that specific pleasure zone without issue. There are slim vibrators designed to caress your pleasure points without putting any pressure on your cervix, which could be painful if navigating a tilted uterus.


This suggestion may seem counterproductive since the person on top position gives the lying down and entering partner more penetrative reach. However, this position allows the receiving partner to control the motions, the depth, and the angle. Riding on top of your partner will let you explore the depth and motions together to help determine what feels best for you both.

It also works in reverse. Face away from your partner towards their feet and rest your torso on their legs. It will be easier to keep your hips elevated and control the depth of your grinding and bouncing.

Missionary Variations

Some people accuse the Missionary position of being too simplistic or “vanilla.” But with some creativity, it can be as pleasant and as safe as you need it to be. It also happens to be one of the best sex positions for tilted uterus.

Try closing your legs or placing one leg between your partner’s. This arrangement will shorten the penetration depth and give you a more comfortable experience. If you raise your hips with the help of a pillow, the angle change will aim the head of your partner’s member away from your uterus. 

Doggie Style

Receiving your partner from behind will allow them more room for penetration while keeping their penis or strap-on pointing to the front of your body. This way, your partner will avoid any accidental bump against your uterus, avoiding potential discomfort. 

The Magic Mountain variation is a posture where you lay your head and shoulders down while keeping your hips raised. This variation of the Doggy Style is one of the best sex positions for those with a tilted uterus.

If you are trying to conceive, there is an additional advantage to this variation. Since the head of the penis will point away from the uterus in Magic Mountain, you can add some depth to the penetration without causing unintended pain. It is believed sperm released closer to the cervix can increase your chances of conception.


Cuddly sex is not only cute and a loving display; it is also considerate with your tilted uterus. In a similar manner to the Doggy Style, this position lets you receive your partner without risking pain or discomfort on your uterus.


Even having taken all the necessary precautions, a retroverted uterus needs some pampering after sex. Have a hot water pad available to place over your belly. Keeping some painkillers or muscle relaxants handy if needed after your steamy encounter is also a wise choice.

Let your partner take care of you, and remember that communication is key during sex to avoid any painful situations. We hope you enjoy giving these positions a try and remember to bring your friend GoLove Intimate CBD Serum  along to prepare for the journey. Your skin will be thankful you did. 

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