Can you use Conditioner as Lube?

Can you use Conditioner as Lube?

Sex is one of the most enjoyable activities we have discovered as human beings. Our body fills with endorphins, and our skin feels electric. And, if sex with the right partner or partners wasn’t good enough, proper lubrication can add to enhance the pleasure. Even if our body produces enough lubrication, external help will noticeably improve any sexual experience.

However, in a pinch we can make mistakes while looking for fluids to assist us in the heat of the moment. Many experiments with household products used as lubrication have ended in the emergency room. Oils, soaps, and even toothpaste are responsible for too many sexual mishaps. This is why we urge you to educate yourself and not use any unsafe fluid as a sexual lubricant.

Can you use Conditioner as Lube?

Hair conditioner has a soft and slippery texture, and it flows through your fingers in a way that feels similar to commercial sex lubes. But don't be fooled that it is safe to bring into the bedroom. The chemicals in hair conditioners are specific to interact with hair protein, not delicate genital skin. Using conditioner as lube may cause irritation, allergies, or other skin afflictions. 

Using conditioner as lube also runs the risk of exposing it to your urethral channel or inside your vagina. It can lead to infections, which may require medical attention.

Perhaps you already tried using conditioner as lube and didn’t experience any adverse effect? Even so, prior use is not an indicator that it will be safe for frequent use. Some skin damage takes longer to appear and will have lasting consequences. Why risk your health using conditioner when there are safer, and sexier options?

Can Conditioner be used as Anal Lube?

The inner walls of the rectal area have the primary function of absorbing water and nutrients carried by the food and broken up by the digestive system enzymes. Your body will partially absorb any fluid you put inside your anus and send it into your bloodstream. This absorption process happens with every anal lubrication you use. 

Hair conditioner often contains glycerin, parabens, and other substances that may not be straightforward toxic but can cause anal irritation, allergies, or expose you to bacterial infections. Using conditioner as anal lube will send chemicals designed for hair protein directly into your bloodstream. Likewise, preservatives, fragrances, and other additives will accumulate in your liver and brain, slowly adding to long-term damage.

Best Options for Sexual Lubrication

When in need of proper lubrication for your sexual experiences, it is tempting to pay attention to well-meaning but uninformed advice. While olive and coconut oil are safe for eating, non-toxic to your body, and have a widespread historical presence as sex lubes, they are not safe to use with latex condoms. Oil will damage the latex and leave you exposed to contracting STIs.

Some people tend to experiment with items found around their household, like egg whites or skin lotion. Don't! These substances can be irritating or downright harmful to your body, if not used for their intended purpose.

Your best option for sexual lubrication lies in trusting the experts. Professional teams get together to research, design, and test safe lubes that will not irritate your skin or risk your health. Use only water-based products!


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