Best Sex Positions for Endometriosis Pain

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Sex is supposed to be about two (or more!) people enjoying each other physically, but can be a different story when if you are suffering from endometriosis. With this condition, the tissue found on the inner lining of the uterus, called endometrium, begins to grow outside the uterus, spreading through the pelvic cavity and surrounding organs. 

This irritated tissue that grows behind the vagina and lower uterus is pushed, pulled, and stretched during penetration. For those who have endometriosis, sexual intercourse could result in mild to intense pain, inflammation and discomfort, making their pelvis feel contracted and tense. 

To stop the progression of endometriosis, OB/GYNs commonly prescribe hormone treatment, which can possibly lead to vaginal dryness. Shortly after application, vaginal tissues could become thinner and more easily irritated, increasing pain and discomfort to the affected area. 

Sadly, there is no silver bullet to treating endometriosis, but this doesn't mean the end of your sex life. Instead, it marks the beginning of a relationship with your new best friend, lube. Not only can sexual lubricants help ease discomfort, but they can also aid in increasing sensitivity and arousal, while decreasing friction when "doing the deed". 

If your endometriosis pain eclipses the pleasure of sexual contact, it's time to explore your alternatives.  Don’t put off sex and intimacy any longer,  and  try these ten doctor-approved sex positions  for endometriosis pain.

Best Sex Positions for Endometriosis Pain

If you have endometriosis, sex can hurt. But you're not alone. In fact, about two-thirds of women with endometriosis report experiencing some form of sexual issue. Although these numbers seem alarming, it doesn’t mean you have to give up intimacy with your partner; you just need to make a few adjustments to your sexual repertoire. 

If you’re trying to welcome pleasure back in your sex life, it's important to track your cycle and to be aware of any symptoms related to endometriosis. Understand what time of the month symptoms are at their peak, and when you'll be more likely to be able to experiment with new sex positions pain-free. This way you can allow yourself and your partner to experiment, and determine which positions are best to avoid and which variations feel pleasurable on your way to having the most satisfaction during sex.

Believe it or not, there are ways to decrease or even eliminate pain during lovemaking. Trying different positions, using lube, and exploring alternatives to intercourse are key to replacing pain with pleasure. The most important element is to keep open communication with your partner about your endometriosis and how it affects your sex drive and capability for pleasure. Be in touch with how you feel, and communicate it to your partner frequently. 

If you’re experiencing pain or don’t feel up to having sex, then don't. Make sure  your partner understands that you may be avoiding sex because of your condition, not because of them. 

If you have endometriosis, then you know that some sex positions can hurt intensely. We're here for you, and have gathered the best sex positions for endometriosis pain. 

Side-by-side Spoon

When you have endometriosis,  dyspareunia or painful intercourse, it’s usually caused by deeper penetration. The key to enhancing sexual pleasure when you suffer from this disorder is to adjust the angles of penetration.

Lie on your side with your partner directly behind you. Bend both of your knees slightly. The position allows you to control the depth of penetration, which is shallower than usual. The buttocks provide some cushioning while you control the speed. Have your lover remain still while you move at your own pace. 

If you prefer to be face-to-face, we recommend throwing a leg over your partner’s shoulder. This way, you can fully communicate with them, and let them know how deeply you want to be penetrated. Moreover, you can take the reign of their penis shaft (or sex toy) to create the angle and thrust you desire.

Modified Doggy style

Some couples say they enjoy less sexual intimacy because of endometriosis. Break that tension in the bedroom by modifying this classic sex position until you find the right angle of entry that feels pleasurable for you and your partner. 

If penetration during the classic doggy is painful, try easing into it by lowering your head to the bed/pillow with your back arched or lying on your stomach and asking your partner to lay on top. Apply lube generously and let your partner experiment with what feels good. 

Ask them to try first with their fingers or a toy before entering  you from behind. Another option is to try this position standing up by placing your hands on the bed/table and bending over. This modified position is super intimate because you get full-body contact while providing cushioning similar to spooning. Try these three variations of sex positions for endometriosis pain to see what works best.

The rabbit

This is the perfect sex position for those with endometriosis to use while adding this awesome  pleasure kit. Have your partner sits down on top of their legs, putting them together under their buttocks. Sit on top with your back towards them, throwing back your head on your lover’s shoulder if you desire, and spread your legs on both sides of your partner’s knees.  

Apply some GoLove CBD Intimate Serum to moisturize, soothe and plump the labial and perineal skin.  Allow yourself to maximize satisfaction by directly applying clitoral stimulation with the help of a toy. Experiment with different vibration/sucking settings and see how long you can hold off until climax.

The Rabbit is a very sensual position, great for both vaginal or anal penetration. Let your partner’s hands play freely with every corner of your body to to turn up the heat. Make sure you both are communicating to what feels good to each other.

Sitting face to face

This sex position not only reduces pain but also increases intimacy. Have your partner sit down with their legs in front of them, slightly bent at the knees. Then, sit in their lap with your legs across their legs, arms wrapping around each other, allowing yourself for sultry kissing and gazing into each others eyes.

This romantic sex position ensures that the thrusts aren’t as powerful, and the angle of the entrance is perfect for easing endometriosis pain. Nevertheless, endometriosis affects every woman differently, so be mindful and take it slow. If you feel uncomfortable, alter the position as needed. 


Do you enjoy intimate positions that allow you access to kiss during and close skin-to-skin contact? If you do, then give the Louise position a go. Similar to the position we previously mentioned, you can reach orgasm together while you sit facing each other. 

Your partner kneels, clutching their legs tightly to their buttocks, leaning forward slightly with their knees driven apart moderately. Get on top of them, squeezing your lover’s torso with your legs bent on the sides. Use one hand to hug your partner’s neck for stability and the other one on their forearm. Then, place your feet next to your partner’s knees. 

Gently rock back and forth or try bouncing up and down slightly during penetration. Control the angle and rhythm as you two get close and intimate.


Keep the fires burning and experience less discomfort during sex by controlling rhythm and the depth of penetration with the  cowgirl sex position

Have your partner lie down in bed and place yourself on top of them. Change the angle a little bit by keeping your legs more straight than bent while leaning your torso forward. Doing this will ensure shallower penetration while stimulating the clitoris.

Additionally, put hard pillows under each of your knees to reduce your bouncing, easing any possible discomfort. Using a water-based lubricant is crucial to make everything more comfortable, so try to keep some handy nearby. 

Cowgirl Lunge

Get maximum control for an intense orgasm with this modified cowgirl. Just like the position above, get on top of your partner and face them, but this time, keep one leg down and bend another leg upwards, so you can test how deep you can get without feeling discomfort or pain. 

Switch from penetration to rubbing your clitoris and allow to alternate between sensations. This way, if it gets uncomfortable in one position, you can quickly readjust without breaking stride. Giddy up! 

Reverse Cowgirl

When you have endometriosis, having complete control of the angle and speed of the thrusting is the safest way to ensure pleasure. Have your partner lie down on their back, with their legs straight out in front. Then, steady yourself on top of them, facing their feet. This way, you get to decide the speed, intensity, and the power behind the thrusts while your lover enjoys the view and gets handsy access to your backside. 

Allow your partner to hold your upper thighs or butt tightly while you thrust and experiment with angles. Lean forward and put weight on your palms while your knees are only slightly bent and create the rhythm you enjoy most. Rock your pelvis back and forth or circle a few times to create a comfortable rhythm.


Savor every sensation and get ready for some steamy sofa sex with Tulip. Have your partner sit and ask them to bend one leg at the knee to put it on the couch seat while the other hangs off the edge and rests against the floor.

Your partner can take their arm back to better support themselves. Now, sit with your bum between your partner’s legs, bending your legs at the knees a little, and cross them. Bend your arms at the elbows and take them back to support your upper body. This position offers shallow penetration while you control the pace for some cozy couch coitus.


Tired of having all the control? Let your knight in shining armor take the lead with this position.  Get in bed and lie on your back, spreading your legs apart hanging them towards the floor. Now, let your partner take control by putting one leg between your thighs. 

Ask them to bend the other leg at the knee to placing your foot down outside your buttocks. Now, throw your foot over your lover’s shoulder and allow them to hold by the knee while gently stimulating you with their free hand.

This is a great sex position for couple to help deepen understanding for what hurts and what feels good to you.

Masters of Foreplay

Never judge yourself for having endometriosis, as this disorder doesn’t define you or your sex life. There is no treatment plan guaranteed to work for everyone, and it's best to make changes to adapt to your condition. Specific lifestyle changes, home remedies, and treatment strategies can aid in making endometriosis manageable on a day-to-day basis.

Sex is more than intercourse. It incorporates foreplay, massage, kissing, and so much more. Take a break form penetration to polish up your cunnilingus skills or enjoy the view during mutual masturbation. Many arousing alternatives to penetration can bring you and your partner closer without triggering endometriosis symptoms. Become masters of foreplay, and be open about what turns you on and experiment with the endless activities that can bring satisfaction back to your sex life. 


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