Sex Positions to Reduce Stress and Anxiety


We are constantly under stress, feeling anxious about the uncertain future. There are bills to pay, the fridge to keep full, demands at our jobs and countless others. The world has changed, and we have to keep marching to the beat of a ticking clock.

The combination of these factors and the pace of life have real consequences on our minds and bodies. Between these stress factors, you might feel like your precious inner sanctum has been reduced to a small closet. 

Whether you are in relationship or are currently single, it's time to hop off the negative thinking carousel. Today we are going to take a breath, light some lavender candles or palo santo, and set ourselves in the frame of mind to melt that stress away. Sex has the amazing power to help you overcome most things, to distract, and connect, and we're going to show you how. If you have some precious free time, why not take the edge off with a few sex positions to reduce stress and anxiety? We assure you it is going to be time well, and orgasmically spent.

Does Sex Lower Stress? 

We know that when you're under a lot of stress or anxiety, it's tough to get in the mood to get under the sheets. But let us tell you that orgasms are the answer when you need to relax and unwind.  We all love that tingling sensation, our hearts pumping fast, and the feeling of well-being that sex left over when you reach climax.

That well-being state is the consequence of a massive release of feel-good chemicals that leaves you in a meditative state of consciousness. Physiologically, there are three main reasons for feeling sexual pleasure: the pudendal nerve, dopamine, and oxytocin. When our genitals are stimulated, the pudendal nerve sends signals from its branches all over the clitoris or penis, the anus, and the perineum, to our brain. In response to the stimulus, the brain releases calming and bonding hormones: Dopamine and Oxytocin. 

Oxytocin, aka "the love hormone," has the effect of bonding people together, making you feel attached to your significant other or sexual partner. Meanwhile, dopamine helps your brain make connections from emotional pleasure to physical pleasure. So, if you think that sex felt good and want to do it again, the blame is on dopamine. 

Besides the physiological and hedonic effects of sex, it promotes a positive, stronger connection with your partner and restores your calm. So why not ​relieve your stress sexually? We believe that today is a good day to celebrate life and love. For this reason, we have gathered the best sex positions to relieve stress and anxiety so you can dive into your zen place to find pleasure. 


​How to Relieve Stress Sexually

First of all, do not rush when trying to get rid of stress sexually. When you’re stressed, you can experience temporary pelvic floor muscle tension, which can harm your vagina’s natural lubrication, making penetration less comfortable. That’s why when you’re feeling under pressure, lube is your best friend. 

Take a few minutes to stop your head from spinning, and allow yourself to feel. Concentrate on what really matters at this moment and breathe calmly. Exhale all those negative thoughts and tension while relaxing in bed and maybe get started with the lustiest oral sex you have ever had.

When you’re stressed, you often feel out of control. But, when you give oral to your partner, you take control of their pleasure and focus on the techniques you’re trying. Whatever is stressing you out takes the back seat, and you shift your mindset from ‘I’m helpless’ to ‘I’m in charge.’ 

If you want to take your sexual experience to the next level, minimize the daily pressure and maximize the pleasure by applying GoLove. Our  intimate CBD serum calms your mind while relaxing your pelvic muscles, thanks to its Organic Hemp Extract with naturally occurring Cannabidiol (CBD), highly known for its anxiolytic properties. It provides you long-lasting, silky-smooth moisture that soothes your delicate genitalia.

Prepare yourself for intercourse and meet intimate comfort once again by applying 15 minutes before 3-6 pumps onto your labia and perineal skin. Gently massage and reapply as desired. Cut cortisol and enjoy the benefits of CBD.

Now that you’ve pampered yourself with some slippery love, ​stress relief sex is required. Explore satisfaction and connect deeply with your partner with the​ best sex positions for anxiety. Get ready to meet the stress-busting benefits of orgasming. 

Sex Positions to Reduce Stress and Anxiety


Is there a better way to unwind and relax than in the warm arms of your partner? We love spooning because it’s a really intimate, romantic sex position that provides the comforting sensation of being engulfed. In addition, hands are free to explore different erogenous zones on the body.

Lay on your sides and have the penetrating partner enter from behind. Control the depth of penetration by bending your legs. Take your stress-free sex experience to the next level with a sex toy, like a  womanizer or  we-vibe melt


Make room for the most intimate position on this hotlist. Do you want your significant other to know that you love them and you want to be close to them? Well, Yab-yum is the tantrified version of the lotus sex position.

Have your partner sit with their legs crossed on the bed. Then, sit as close as you can, facing them. Wrap your legs around your partner’s torso while they tuck their legs under you. Finally, wrap your arms around each other and cuddle, allowing yourself to enjoy the thrusts from this position while you leave your stress behind.

Synchronize your breathing in and out and gaze into each other’s eyes.After 21 in-sync breaths, you’ll feel how your stress melts away, and your genital chakras align. Alternatively, you can use  pillows or wedges under your butt or knees to lean back against. May the hugging and kissing begin. 

The Plow

Are you craving some deep penetration? The Plow will please you. It has the relaxing vibe and the calming sensation of the Happy Baby Yoga Pose with the added benefit of hitting all the right spots. Moreover, this sex position for anxiety allows you to lay back and receive all the deep love that your penetrating partner has to give.

From the missionary position (with the penetrating partner on top), raise your legs, bend them back towards your chest and rest them on your partner’s shoulders. Depending on how flexible you are, you can hook your knees. Feel free to make variations to find comfort. Enjoy the deep penetration in each thrust and see how stress and anxiety go away.

Flat Doggy-style

Modify the standard doggy style with this cozy sex position to reduce stress and anxiety. Position yourselves as you would for regular doggy and then simply lower down onto the bed. 

Since you’ll have your hands free, you can both mix things up with  toys. Pleasure scores one, stress zero.


When a physically demanding position requires more concentration, it’s easy to forget whatever is stressing you out. So, why not be in charge, grab the reigns and enjoy the most erotic ride of your life?

Have your partner lie down on their back. Then, kneel on top with your legs on either side of their hips. Slide up and down their thighs, grind your hips against your partner, or move in circles, whatever feels best. 

Optionally, you can entice and seduce your lover with the erotic  Non-Piercing Nipple Chain Jewelry. Not only will you look fierce, but you also will increase nipple sensitivity and stimulation, especially if you use  arousal gel. As you do, you can use a wand vibrator, like  Le-Wand Petite,for clitoral stimulationto release heart-pounding orgasms.

Reverse Cowgirl

Let your partner lie down on their back and straddle them, facing their feet. Rest your hands on their legs and let your couple enjoy the great rearview. Take control and play with the pace and depth to shake the stress out of your body and let loose. 

The Snake

Release all those intrusive thoughts with this sex position to reduce stress and anxiety. Lie on your stomach with your body stretched out across the bed and have your partner lie face-down and draped on top of you. Now that your bodies are pressed closer, pay attention to all sensations. Enjoy the lusty skin contact that The Snake position provides while your lover enters you from behind.

The temperature, texture, shape, pressure, and the feel of your skin against your partner’s, can help bring you back to the present moment. To unleash the stress-busting benefits of orgasming, use  The Wave, the ultimate couple’s orgasm ring. This stretchy, comfortable penis ring stimulates erections while sending glorious vibrations throughout the penis and vulva during lovemaking. 

Coital Alignment Technique

This position offers a great way to rock your sheets and sweat your stress away and anxiety. Keep your pelvis slightly below your partner and lift your legs so your knees are by your elbows from the missionary position. With the coital alignment technique, you get better stimulation for easy orgasming. Add a bullet vibrator to get you there faster. 

The Primal Scream 

In the name of decreased stress, get down and reclaim some catharsis with super loud sex. From the standard dog position, get yourself into an intensely primal place. Arch your back, tilt your butt, and let the wild beast inside you take the lead. Spanking and hair-pulling are allowed. 

The Leg Lift

From the standing position, lift your right leg as high as possible and bend it so your partner can hook their arm under it. Then, your partner enters you standing while holding onto your leg and bum. Hold onto a table for balance and get lost in the intimate power of mindful sex. 

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