Yoga Poses for Better Sex


A woman in lotus pose on the beach at sunset

Among all the disciplines you may practice to take care of your health, yoga is probably the one that yields the most benefits. The daily practice of yoga postures, or asanas, engages more muscle groups than other physical activities. In addition, yoga strives for balance between your body and mind, combining poses with mindful breathing and meditation.

Yoga exercises have many benefits that extend through to your sex life. When you practice yoga, cortisol levels decrease, thus reducing your stress and helping you relax and enjoy your intimate encounters. The increased flexibility and pelvic strength you gain from yoga is an addition to your bedroom that will leave you and your partner grateful and satisfied. 

The connection of your mind and body you get from yoga puts you in tune with yourself, what you like and dislike. The control you gain of your body allows you to be more assertive and communicate your feelings better, improving your relationship with your surroundings and, of course, with your lover.

If you have muscular, joint, or lower back issues, talk to your doctor about these poses before practising them. Some of these asanas can be demanding of your body and could aggravate preexisting conditions.

Yoga Poses to Improve Sexuality 

Your most powerful sexual organ is your brain. Having a healthy flow of energy from your mind to your body will heighten your sensations and enhance your awareness of the pleasure of intimacy. The best yoga to improve your sexuality brings down anxiety, relaxes your body, and focuses your mind. 

Child’s Pose

A woman in yoga child's pose

This asana does not demand too much flexibility, and it will help you open your hips and bring focus to your mind. Kneel on your yoga mat, grassy lawn, bed mattress, or preferred surface. Put your knees at the width of your hips and your toes touching. Place your hands in front of you to get in all fours. Then, bring your body back to rest your hips on your feet and your head on the mat. 

If it is uncomfortable or painful to lower your head so much, you can use a yoga block or a pillow to support it. Hold this pose for thirty seconds while breathing slowly and consciously. Breath work is a critical step to experience the benefits of yoga.

Shoulder Stand

Why not try an inverted posture to change our perspectives for a while? This asana improves blood circulation, eases fatigue, boosts your immune system, and can tamper down anxiety or depression symptoms. 

The Shoulder Stand pose helps you adapt to new situations and accept inversions in your life. The increased blood flow to your brain will boost your creativity, imagination, and sexual drive. Place a couple of folded blankets on the edge of your mat and lie down. Then, put your shoulders on the blankets and your head on the floor. Keep your arms next to your body, palms facing down. 

Bend your knees and lift your hips off the mat as far as you can, pressing your hands down to help. Raise one leg as straight and vertical as you can, bend your elbows, and place your hands on the top of your hips for support. Once you feel securely anchored, lift your other leg, and keep both legs together and vertical to the ground. 

Move your hands to place them where you think they support you best. Keep your chin to your chest, and do not move your head. Hold this posture for ten slow breaths and let go slowly.

Corpse Pose

Despite its name, the Corpse is likely the most relaxing yoga pose, and it is a preferred one for finishing yoga routines. It lets you meditate and recall the effects of the previous exercises on your mind and body. 

Lay on the mat or a flat surface and put your hands to your sides with the palms up. Breathe slowly, pushing the air to your abdomen while inhaling and contracting your abdominal muscles when you exhale. Let your mind travel all over your body, checking that muscles relax and tensions go away.

Yoga to Increase Libido

Your sexual drive receives influence from physical, mental, emotional, and environmental factors. Yoga exercises help you balance these influences and gain awareness of the way they affect you. This awareness will result in an enhanced libido and improve your sexual life.


When you practice this pose, your hips will open, promoting firmer and more flexible thighs, and your sexual glands will activate, increasing their hormone production. 

Sit on your mat with your legs straight. Split your legs, separating them as wide as you can. If you feel uncomfortable, you can put a yoga block or a cushion under your hips to help to tilt them. Let your torso lean forward and support it with your forearms.

Bound Angle

Bound Angle is one of the best poses to increase your sexual energy. This pose stretches your inner thighs, opens your hips, and improves the blood flow to your internal organs. It also releases your mind from anxiety and gives you a more natural approach to intimacy. 

Lie on your back with your torso flat and your limbs relaxed around you. Bring the soles of your feet together and let your knees fall to the sides. You can also try this pose from a sitting position, holding your feet with your hands and lowering your head forward to your toes.


The benefits of this pose include exercising your larger joints, bringing you balance and focus, and strengthening your abdomen and lower back muscles. The Eagle pose also increases the blood flow to your reproductive organs, increasing your sexual vitality. 

Start from a standing position like the Mountain pose. Lift one leg and cross it in front of the other. Point your toes to the floor and drape your foot behind the calf of the standing leg. Stretch your arms in front of you, parallel to the ground. 

Then, take the one opposite to the draped leg and put it on top of the other. Bend your arms nestling your elbows together and touching the backs of your hands. Turn your hands following the same motion until the palms are facing each other. Finally, press your palms together and hold the position for thirty seconds or as long as your balance lets you. Let your sexual spirit soar with this posture. 

Yoga for Sexual Performance

The practice of yoga asanas can help you avoid those occasions when you mind is eager, your libido is fired up, but your body complains. To enhance your sexual power through yoga, get your mind and body in tune, connecting them as one entity to achieve your bliss. In this case, the goal is a pleasurable sexual experience. 

The yoga poses that will help you improve your sexual performance focus on your flexibility, strength, and breathing while keeping your mind centered.


Your hips’ range and flexibility play an essential role in your sexual performance. The Pigeon posture has different variations. All of them activate your thigh tendons and hip joints, improving your stretching abilities and allowing you to sustain different sex positions for a longer time. 

Start from an all-fours position and bring forward one of your knees, placing it on the mat in front of you. Rotate this chin towards your body until it goes beyond the opposite leg and lets you dip lower on the mat. Pull the other leg straight behind you with your sole pointing up and your toes stretched. Exhale and lean your body forward on the mat. 

If you find it uncomfortable, you may place a pillow or a rolled towel underneath your hip on the side of the bent leg for support.

Downward Dog

Woman in downward facing dog position

The strength you get from practicing this pose will spread to your arms, shoulders, torso, abdomen, and legs. This asana is one of the most known and popular, partly because it awakens the full body, increasing oxygen flow through your body and relieving back pain. 

For these reasons, the Downward Dog is one of the best yoga poses for sex. Start on all fours, with your wrists placed vertically under your shoulders and your knees under the hips. Straighten your legs and push your shoulders down to make them align with your wrists and hips. Try to keep your collarbones open and your heels pressed to the ground.


Opening your hips will do wonders for your sexual performance. This asana not only will help you improve performance in the boudoir, but you can also bring this pose to bed to try a new and exciting sexual experience. 

Start from the Downward Dog pose, with arms and legs straight. Bring forward a foot and place it next to the corresponding hand, on the outer side. Lower the other leg and flip your foot so the top of it is against the mat. Lastly, carefully lower your torso until your forearms support you. Hold this pose for as long as you find it comfortable before changing sides.

The Lizard pose can be challenging for the inexperienced, but a bit of practice and care and you will become the Lizard King or Queen of your domain.


Keep your spine flexible and your hips open and willing with this asana. The Plow pose tones your thighs, back, and abs while oxygenating your brain and rejuvenating your body. 

Lie on your back and lift your legs and hips upwards in a Shoulder Stand pose while inhaling. Slowly let your legs continue falling over your head until your toes touch the floor. Straighten your arms behind you and interlace your fingers, keeping your arms pressed to the mat. Try to keep your torso vertical to the ground, your hips over your shoulders, and your legs as straight as you can. 

Hold this pose for a few minutes, breathing slowly and focusing on the workings of your body. Unfold your body one vertebra at a time when you finish. Follow this asana with the Corpse pose, giving an opportunity to unwind, relax and meditate.

Couples’ Yoga for Intimacy 

Tantric yoga studies the flow of sexual energy across the body and its use in attaining higher levels of consciousness. The word “tantra” comes from ancient Sanskrit, and its meaning “to weave” is highly appropriate since it evokes the flow of energy through a couple having an intimate encounter.

Tantra focuses on knowing your body in work, locating your pleasure centers, and how to treat yourself. You can practice it by yourself during masturbation, channeling your energy to achieve stronger orgasms. Of course, you can also make it a couple’s or group practice. 

Tantric yoga helps you explore the body and personality of your partner intimately and intertwine your energy with theirs. Both of you will be physically and spiritually connected and conscious, feeling the energy flow and grow between you even when you are not having sex.

The best yoga to improve your sex life comes after a heartfelt conversation with your partner. Be clear with them about what you want to try and how far you want to go. Listen to them and come to agreements that will allow both of you to enjoy the new experiences. The first steps of communicating openly and honestly will lead to tantra yoga’s deep and healthy practice.

The ambiance is crucial in tantric yoga. Prepare your mind and your surroundings as you prepare your body for pleasure. A few minutes of meditation before you get together will rest your mind and give you a clear mindset. Soft lights, music, and pleasant aromas will tantalize all your senses and help build the moment.

You can also increase your body sensations using your surroundings and experimenting with positions,  toys, and techniques that give you both pleasure. CBD-infused oils and lubricants will enhance your senses and relax your bodies and minds alongside tantric yoga. Massage each other during your foreplay and use  GoLove lubricant when flowing with sexual energy. When you feel the skin-soothing effects and the relaxation coming from their added CBD, you will enjoy caressing and pleasing each other at a level unknown before.

Add some tantric yoga techniques to your intimacy and see how your relationship blooms and strengthens. Following these guidelines will help you increase your awareness of yourself and your partner. Start by sitting comfortably, close enough to touch, and look into each other eyes. Express your feelings while synchronizing your breathing. After a while, you may caress each other sensually. 

When you are ready to get more intimate, you can try one or more of these poses:


One of you sits down with their legs crossed. The other one sits on their thighs, facing them, and braces their legs around the sitting partner. Embrace your partner, look into their eyes, and gently rock together. This posture is all about the intimacy of a shared moment. The Lotus posture gives you the opportunity and flexibility to try it with or without penetration.


This posture allows both partners to enjoy watching each other and use their hands to explore their bodies in worship. One partner lies down on their back with their knees bent and feet flat on the bed or preferred surface. The other partner squats, sitting on top of the other one’s hips. You can move your hips in circles, back and forth, or side to side.

Shoulder Stand

This pose not only fills you with sexual energy but also makes it easy to share this energy with your partner. Lift your legs on the Shoulder Stand pose and let your partner come close from behind you, and put your bodies together. They can help support you by holding onto your thighs while you move and breathe together.

Control your Orgasm

One of the most notable benefits of tantric yoga sex is how it allows you to delay and extend your orgasm, making for a mind-blowing experience. Tantric yoga sex is not about the destination but the journey. When you feel yourself crescendoing towards orgasm, stop moving for a couple of minutes while looking into your partner’s eyes. 

This delay makes sex with your partner more about your connection as a couple than a means to sexual satisfaction. When you come to climax, inhale deeply and exhale slowly, emitting a vowel sound as loud as you can. This sound will resonate on your chakras and enhance your sensations during orgasm.

Yoga Poses for Pelvic Floor Strengthening

The pelvic floor is the group of muscles that line the pelvic bones and keep your inner organs in place. When these muscles get too lax or too tight, the organs they protect may lose some of their functionality. You can develop incontinence, constipation, prolapsed organs, and your sexual experiences will suffer. You might have problems achieving erections, constriction of your vaginal walls, or pain during intercourse. 

On the other side, the healthy functioning of the pelvic floor, attained through yoga, will help you sustain better sex experiences and keep your pelvic organs in the best condition.


This asana makes you focus on your pelvic floor muscles while also engaging your abdomen and upper torso. Lie on your mat with your hand to the sides, palms down, and spread your fingers. Bend your knees until your feet are near your hips, not too close, and at the same width. Lift your pelvis until it forms a straight line with your knees and your shoulders.

Keep your shoulders flat on the mat and your neck and head relaxed. Sustain this posture for a few seconds and slowly go back down. Repeat ten times.

Cat and Cow

Woman in cat and cow pose

These couple of poses work together to relax your spine and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Start in an all-fours pose, with your hands and knees placed vertically to your shoulders and hips. Arch your abdomen towards the ground and lift your head while inhaling, feeling stretched by the Cow pose. 

In the Cat pose, you exhale and bring your head down, the chin touching your chest and your spine curving away from the mat. Go slowly from one pose to the other for one minute.

Happy Baby

Besides relaxing your pelvic floor, this pose works on your glutes and the flexibility of your thighs. Start lying back and bring your legs to your chest, keeping your shins vertical. Reach with your hands and grab the outside of your feet to open them wide. 

If you find it difficult to reach them, place a towel over your soles and hold the edges. Push upwards gently with your feet while resisting with your arms. You can add to this pose by softly rocking to your sides.

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