Best Lube for the Shower


A couple embracing in the shower


One of the best ways to cool down your emotions, nerves and relax the body is by taking a nice shower. Cleansing and lubricating our bodies allow us to take better care of ourselves.

Lubrication has endless benefits for our health, especially for those who suffer from disorders that can cause them pain, inflammation and that hinders them from performing daily tasks. Keep in mind that there are different ways to create lubrication, and not every lubricant plays well with water.

If you want to take your relaxing shower to a whole new level, why not using a bottle of lube to your shower caddy? Whether alone or with a sexual partner, you can have a deluge of fun by choosing the best lube for the shower.

Best Lube for Shower Sex

Hot steamy sex in the bath with your partner can get even better if you use the proper lubricant.  GoLove's water-based lube is a CBD-enriched serum that eases any discomfort while moisturizing your skin to prevent dryness. This lube promotes pelvic floor relaxation and relieves tension and anxiety before any session. 

It is not only perfect for having sex but use on a daily basis. Sexual wellness clinicians recommend water-based lubricants as they regulate the vaginal pH balance, and they are safe for your toys, preservatives, and body. 

There are other types of lubricants can work well for sex in the shower. Discover some of them here.

Oil-based Lube for Shower Sex

Although it works wonders for shower sex, this kind of lubricant is not recommended in general, as it can degrade the integrity of condoms, making them porous or causing tears. Moreover, oil-based lubes might produce a tremendous slippery sensation, but they will stick, and they can be messy and hard to wash off.

Silicone-based Lube for Shower Sex

Just like oil-based lubricants, silicone ones do not wash away easily. Besides, they can damage your sex toys over time. You should be aware of any spills as they are difficult to clean if they remain in your shower or bathtub for an extended period.

Water-based Lube for Shower Sex

Water-based lube is the best type of lubricant, especially for shower sessions. The agents it contains make it easier to wash off, and it keeps your latex products safe. This kind of lube soothes the skin and moisturizes it, which helps reduce any unwanted dryness. 

Positions for Shower Sex

Take your time with your partner or yourself, and make sure to ease in with sensual foreplay before starting with the main attraction. Enjoy each other’s bodies and take advantage of the setting to experiment with different textures such as soaps, oils, washcloths, loofahs or the shower head to create stimulation. Get creative and enjoy the sexual power of the shower!

Although there is a sexy atmosphere, the confines of a shower might turn into a trip to the emergency room if you are not careful. Try positions with both feet on the floor as they will provide you with the most balance. You can also try placing a non-slip bathmat. These positions below might inspire you and your partner.

Against the wall

This position is ideal for one partner to push the other up against the wall and enter them with easy access. Especially if they are going to enter from behind, with plenty of lubricants, it will turn out a fantastic session given that the lube contains  anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, making it perfect for anal application. 

Bent over

This is similar to the first one, except this time, the partner receiving is bent over at the waist, allowing deep penetration and providing better stability as the partner receiving can grab onto the sides of the tub or shower walls for stability.


If you do not want to risk a slip-and-fall, you can always remain seated. As one partner sits on the floor of the shower, the other one mounts them. This position is safe and allows a more profound intimate connection while the steamy water cascades over you both.


This position might be challenging for some couples, but it can be ideal for you if you are close in height with your loved one. Do the same as in the "Against the wall" variation, except you are both standing. If you and your partner can manage this position successfully, the session will turn out extraordinarily erotic and pleasant for both of you.

Make sure you have your lubricant at hand so you do not pause in the middle of your sexual foray.  GoLove’s lubricant will supplement and enhance your natural wetness, which heightens tactile sensation and pleasure. Do not let dryness or discomfort come between you and your sex life. Put an end to painful intercourse with all the properties this lubricant offers and enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable intimacy.

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