Men's sexual health is important to overall health.
Clitoral stimulation: What do women truly know about it?
CBD can be a great, natural addition to soothe side effects.
Sexual problems are a side effect of cancer treatment that oncologists don’t often talk about, but there are treatments to help, including the pelvic floor therapy.
Statistics show that 5-17% of women have this condition, although due to the unspoken nature of it, it’s likely much higher.
Pleasure: How does it play into your overall health? 
Why aren’t we aren’t talking about rehabilitation of our pelvic floor muscles?

We must remember: Pain during sex is not normal. 

An informed customer may look for products made with a certain type of extract for specific reasons.
How different are hemp and marijuana? This is a very common question and is often widely misunderstood.

Cannabidiol (CBD) has the ability to help relieve things like pain, anxiety and inflammation.

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